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The 21st Century!

I feel like I got a lot of value out of liveJournal years ago. I don't think anyone reads this, so that's fun.

I have so much hate and resentment in my heart. I wish I didn't. I am resentful of how much time and energy I feel like I've wasted on feeling stuck and frustrated. I'm mad that at my core I'm still feeling the same longing to be loved and fighting depression that I did when I was 16. When does it make sense to stop fighting? and if I keep fighting and look back, what was there any point?

I don't think I'm a martyr. I think that's unhealthy and lame. but maybe if I let myself get wrapped up in it will at least give me some purpose.


A legitimate, Retro, Old School LiveJournal Entry

Well Hello Livejournal!

To be honest, Livejournal is not as fun without a huge audience. Facebook has really replaced everything that livejournal was, except facebook encourages you to post brief posts.

I dont really feel like I need a journal outlet to type stuff anymore. but then I'll stumble on some old LJ posts and think "man, this is amazing." I think it's interesting because I've always been honest on my livejournal. it's a pretty true record of how things were going in my life. I would like to let my kids read it some day. If they're anything like me, they will be fascinated by it. I was always fascinated by the tiny scraps of records from my parents pre-kid life so maybe they will be too. I really enjoyed being an archivist at PACT.

holy shit, that reminds me… I had a dream about the children's theatre again!!!! as Usual michael was there, but… as usual things were different. He thought it would be funny to almost drive his car into a kid. I'm impressed that he was so good at acting like he was a terrible person that when my mind dreams him up that's what it comes up with. In the dream we were in an arabian knights setting, and I had to dance with a huge dog bed as a dance partner. But then the setting of the show got changed into WWII. I'm not sure how that worked.
ALso, I had a bluetooth earpiece, and some how Michael could just talk to me through it whenever he wanted to, no matter where I was.

There was more to it but that's the interesting part.

anyways, Livejournal is fun and I'm glad I wrote all this stuff. Maybe I'll get famous and then something neat and someone will read it.
The end.
Mega Man Party!

Dream Journal

I wrote this as I was trying to stay awake (unsucessfully) in a meeting:
Dead Ham
I have a dream about why we need to go to the bathroom.
That's why the Sock hop goes to the sock hop room.
Mega Man Party!

past Romances

I wonder how old Daria is today.
I wonder what she's doing? Does she have kids?
I really liked her………………
Na Na Nah Naaah Nah……………!
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