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amazing stuff!

This is an actual E-mail!!!! I was so flattered!

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Brilliant, boys, brilliant. Here are some suggestions for liner notes: "My Girl Clorine" is a devastatingly ironic take on pop-culture paradigms and its obsession with hyperssexuality as a commodity. "You just can't stay away from booty, especially when it's free..." is the most trenchant commentary in the song, delving into the questionable foundation of capitalism itself. The assertion "We're the Urban pirates" is the self-affirmation of youth constrained and aggravated by the rigid social and economic structures imposed on them and their subsequent dependence on antisocial behavior to feel a sense of community and purpose. The confusion between a female name, "Colleen" and a toxic chemical, "Chlorine", suggests an utter alienation from humanity and the resulting confusion and loneliness brought caused by urbanization and the scientific revolution. Finally, the sudden and caustic cry that ends the song, "You're gay!", is a cryptic and thought-provoking choice defying commentary. Overall, Choji Moji's improvisatory stylings - despite occasional lapses into mediocrity - has an undeniable musicality and lyrical insight.

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