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I did my final today!

I leave for New york Tomorrow!

I think that should have been the subject. I dont know If I've told everyone yet but I'm going to spend spring break with helen in NYU. I'm excited! We're gonna go shoppiung and all sorts of neato stuff. My mom bought me a 64 meg card for my camera (that's 60megs bigger than the current. multiply (64 devided by 4) by 36 to discover how many pictuires i can take without stopping!) word! uh. Tekken Tag is fun. yesu.

oh! Bobby and I and Erika made hella new Choji Moji songs last night. I'm gonna uplaod them eventually. we have at least 18 new songs, at least 10 of which are actually quality. I'm exicted about that. We're gonna redo some of them, cause I didn't know exactly how to use the 8 track when we first did them, so they are all ghetto, and peaking. but yeah... I'm gonna see helen! I'm Excited!

oh, and...

Some one linked to choji moji from a real website!?!?

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