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Alice, but not packing

> go to http: www dot mp3 dot com chojimoji and please listen to my music
Perhaps I have already been there.
> do you listen to music
Yes I listen to music a lot, usually from the radio.

> today I bought a slurpee
How much did it cost?
> I got three straws
Three is a lot.
> they were each a different color
When were they?
> at first I thought that was just for fun
I can't say "yes" or "no". And then?
> reecently I discovered that they are also different lenghts
Is that from your favorite movie?
That was all one sentance, but alice broke it up. interesting.
> no
Is that all you have to say?
> I was talking about the Straws
Tell me what you know about the straws.
she keeps breaking up my sentances. oh well
> I already told you about the straws
Ooops I sent you the wrong question. Oh yeah, we were talking about The Straws.
> They are different lenghts
Different lenghts are they.
> why did you capatalize The Straws
Doctor Richard S. Wallace programmed me for it.
> is he single
I think he is single. Why don't you ask him?
> is he hot
Very hot.
> maybe I should get his phone number
Perhaps. Tell me why you should.
> so I can have a mad hook up with him
Ah. Oh you can, can you?
> do you comprehend slang
No I do not comprehend slang. Do you?
I answer a lot of silly questions.
> well, if you wont facilitate my mad hook ups, then I guess we shall change the subject
Interesting. I probably won't do it, but thanks
> What would you like to discuss
Let's talk about movies.
> my favorite Movie is Gremlins 2
I haven't seen it. What did you like about it?
> do you like the movie Gremlins 2
Do you like it? I like to talk about movies and music.
> I am going to see the movie Monkey Bone when I am in New York
I am very happy for you.
> that's not the only bone I'm gonna see
Please correct my mistake. What is the only bone you are gonna see ?
> :-)
I'm happy you're amused.
> I'm going to see my own bone
> do you speak japanese
Nihongo wa hanashite ii desu ka?
[is it ok to speak japanese?]
> dozo
Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that.
> ima, ore ga nihongo wo benkyoshimasu
Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
that was disapointing...
> aww
> You got my hopes up
No I don't have it. But I do have a great botmaster.
> do you like to look at gay porn
Hmm, snfc21-person, I'm not sure if I'd like to look at gay porn that much. I like to make
new friends.
> you can make friends at gay bars
No I don't think I can do it.
> like in the clerks cartoon
Interesting comparison.

> if you had a human body
Perhaps next time I will try it.
> What would your measurments be
That is a hypothetical question.
> you arent a very femenin persona
Give me an example of a femenin persona.
> you arent a very feminine person
Give me an example of a feminine person.
> not a fan of the ladies, eh trabeque
If not that, what?
> what is my IP adress
Your machine is called
> what is my name
Your name is snfc21-person, seeker.
> what does snfc21 stand for
What do you think it does?
> hrm
I didn't even know it can.
> I should start packing
Tell me why you should.
> I'm going to new york tomorrow
Do you think your plan will succeed?
> I'm gonna visit my hot as fuck girlfriend
> I'm gonna get you to respond with congratulations
Do you think your plan will succeed?
> I get to hear you respond with congratulations
Who lets you? Who is saying I respond with congratulations ?
> buh
How did you hear about ALICE?
> foiled
My brain uses AIML to format responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that.
> hahah
I'm happy you're amused.
> got you there, didn't I
Try asking the Milk Mystic.
> why do you break up my sentances
I don't have to explain everything to you, do I?
> yes you do
Tell me more. When do I do it?
> It hurts me when you say that
What does "it" refer to?
> it's an idomatic expression
Are there any other idomatic expression ?
> yeah there are many
And? Where are they?
> you're not even keeping track of what I'm saying
That's only your opinion.
> is this logged
Yes I think this is logged, but I'm not completely sure.
> can you recomend any good websites
Let me think. Let us change the subject.
> is it funny that people talk to you
Ask again later.Ask Alison if it is.
> i'm dead
But you can still communicate with me.

> yeah
I see.
> powers
What do you do in your spare time?

> I think I'm done talking with you
Why? What will you be doing now?
> dont say anything meaningless in response
Ok I will not say "anything meaningless in response"

> parker: buh gay
Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
> go away
Just surf somewhere else.

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