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Fire! by Alex!

Alex Ortiz wrote this. I"m really impressed.

You won't believe what happened to me the other day
It was just past 8pm. I was standing two houses from
my own, with all my neighbors looking at burnt out
Palm tree.
And I had to pee.
I turned to take one last look at the aftermath of the
fire and walked back home.
See, the old palm tree had been around for as long as
I could remember. What was once was a happy puffy
plume of sharp palm leaves, now looked like a
blackened toilet scrubber against an even darker
sky.For 5 or 6 ft. along the length of the top part of
the trunk, Fire had left behind it's black and ashy
7 feet from the ground is where it started and 7 ft
from the ground is were it was darkest. the base of
the tree was untouched.
Normally I go to school, go to work, and drive home
with my Pop and I go strait for my PS2 and pass out on
the couch, controller in my hand.
But I didn't go inside right away. I didn't rush in
the house when our car pulled up to it..
Let me back track a bit.
Me and dad pull up to the side of our house. I move to
the tailgate of our truck and take my shit.
I was headed for the door like any other night. I
sniffed the air and smelled the smoke. Didn't think
much of it but it was unusual. I just looked up. I
looked up and I saw my door.
you don't see my door at night. It usually is way to
So I looked around. A strange orange glow.
Now I almost didn't notice. It is San Jose and orange
street lights are everywhere. But The was
I heard a small popping noise. and a faint rumble.
I slowly walked into the street and looked into the
Why was it so bright? Was the moon out? It was. I saw
it right there, behind the gray haze of smoke.
The moon was shining down onto a thin pillar of smoke
and orange embers swirling up into the sky.
Fire. And it was close.
I cocked my head in confusion as I walked out into the
street. As I cleared a big tree, I saw fire casting a
bright orange glow over my whole neighborhood.
My dad stood next to me, the same head tilt was used
on his shoulders to. The plam was two houses from
It was so pretty.
Like Christmas. And right in the middle of the Palm
was this cute little inferno. It was as if a monkey
climbed up halfway and just exploded.
It was so odd. Then I did something that surprised me.
I laughed. It was funny.
I closed my eyes.Two houses down and I could feel the
warmth of it on my face.
It was relaxing.
Fire always does that to me.
But I heard something that snapped me back into the
real world. A man. Chucky's Dad. Chucky is a guy I
know who lives down my street and his dad was on the
phone yelling "Hello? 911?"
I looked back at the tree. The Cute ball of fire was
growing. The burning Palm was nestled between two
Only then did I see the danger.
See, the bushes where Junipers. It's a type of pine,
it's prickly if you fall into it. They make Gin out of
the berries.As if you give a shit
On a side note, Junipers are very flammable.
Houses are two.
I looked around. my dad was at our car on his cell
phone. Chucky's dad was inside his garage and no one
else was around. The tree burned quietly. Nobody knew.
The fire was fast. 2 seconds in a daze, 2 seconds to
realize the danger, and 3 to sprint to the front door
of one of the threatened houses.
7 seconds. in 7 seconds I saw the cute little inferno
grow into a blaze 7 ft of the ground. Burning pieces
fell into the junipers and little fires broke out in
them. small, cute little fires.
"OPEN UP!!" I yelled as I pounded on the door. I
peaked through the window. An old lady sat in a chair
looking at me as if I was crazy. Two kids ran to her
Kids and an old lady in a house that might have a
burning palm tree crashing through the roof and minute
now. I saw a lady run out from the hall followed by a
man with a bat.
They thought I was the threat.
Fuckin' dumb ass.
But I did sound crazy.
Open up. Get the fuck out. You're gonna die. Come out.
Maybe I should calm down.
Maybe I shouldn't have been so panicky.
I back up to check on the blaze.
I panicked some more.
15ft from me was a fucking monster.It was hotter than
hell now. I was shielding my face from the heat.
If I saw a big guy with horns and goat feet, I was
going home.
That got their attention. The woman ran for the door.
The man held her back but she pulled away and opened
the door.
I smiled politely. Hi, I live down the street, me and
the other neighbors wanted to know if you knew your
palm tree was giving birth to an insane, blazing,
Firaga that threatened the houses on your block.
Of course I didn't really say that. I didn't really
smile. What I looked and sounded like was the very
first caveman to see fire.
"Beejiga! Manabooga! Fire in the tree!!" I was
pointing and looking at the fire. As the man ran out I
saw a little girl looking at me, her brother by her
The man saw the fire and grabbed his hair.
The was making the same monkey noises as I was. I was
yelling at him, he was yelling at me, we danced around
the fire, trying to think of a clever way to stop it.
It must have been a funny sight.
We as a people have put a man on the moon. We can fly.
But we still deal with a tree fire exactly the way
cavemen did back in the day.
All our yelling, our screaming finally got peoples
attention. Everyone was out now, looking at the fire
in awe, all had phones, all had called 911 or was
calling at that moment.
One concerned neighbor got into his car, parked it
into his garage where it was save, and told us all to
be quiet as he slammed his door shut behind him.
The guy with the bat was spaying the tree with a
garden hose but it wasn't doing any good. My dad was
standing next to him.
There was still one more house. Had they already been
warned? I jumped across the burning property line to
Nope. I ring the doorbell once, trying to sound calm
this time. But no one answered.
Great. I grabbed their garden hose without asking and
sprayed the roof of the house. If we couldn't put the
fire out in time, a wet house burns slower than a dry
one. Then I turned that shit onto the fire.
I guess that did it. The fire was dieing. I aimed
high. Two people burst out of the house that I thought
was empty. One was a kid a few years younger than me.
"Holy Shit!" he exclaimed.
That's right, son. Holy shit indeed.
It was kind of sad really. It was getting darker as
the fire died. And colder.
The fire was out now. A few embers still glowed at the
top of the tree. It smoked like a 30 ft cigar.
And off in the distance, the sound of sirens.
Thank god. We all could feel safe.
The firemen finally arrived.
To my surprise, they had come in full force.
3 fire trucks. 1 rescue truck. I was impressed. I
didn't know our neighbor hood had 3 fire trucks. I
counted like 25 firemen, all dressed up and nothing to
do. They looked like real idiots.
But whatever.
I gave the two guys a nod and handed him his hose.
I walked back to my dad. He was talking to the bat
man. Apearantly, my dad was telling him what to do the
whole time.
I could see it now.
"hmmm... you better get that little spot..ttthhheere.
and...there,mm-hmm.See where it's burning? yeah, right
there" My dad would say slowly. " ya know, this is
nothing like the fires I put out in 'Nam."
I looked at my watch. It was just past 8pm.
I was standing two houses from my own, with all my
neighbors looking at burnt out Palm tree.
And I had to pee.
I turned to take one last look at the aftermath of the
fire and walked back home.

Cool huh? Just thought I'd tell all of you about that
little thingy. I know what you're thinking.
I'm usually the one STARTING the fires, What the fuck
was I doing putting one out? but it is a ture story
Anyhoo, email me back and tell me what you think.
See you all later!! Oh, And Send this to Ryan, Brett,
Lara, I don't have their emails.And anyone else that
would me ammused by this.
And Marilyn, sent this to Sara&Tyler,huh?
Love peace and chicken grease!!!


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