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ok had fun!

I played and Beat Megaman Legends 2 (there's still a whole ass-load of stuff I didnt do, but I have a feeling it's all worthless, and the only rewards I would get from doing it is an extra box of text or two. but anyways) The ending was special. but I liked the harmony.

Then I played FF9. THis is after spending about 15 minutes trying to get Alex's playstation to actually start the game. finally I decided to try booting with the FF( disk 1 in the thing, and then loading my game and having it tell me to put in disk 2. and that worked!!!! It was fun. I actually got to concentrate on it, and enjoy it.
I remember why FF games have been taking me so long lately, cause I spend way too much time running around clicking on every little thinkg trying to find secrets. so far it's been pretty suscessful, but it's also time consuming. I tried to have a bird eat my whole party, hoping it would take me to a special place, but I coundlt get it to eat everyone, so I will never know. then, I was doing that cage-swinging thing poorly, so it took forever before I figured out I wasnt pressing the button at the optimal time. yesu. so far it hasnt been as good as 7, but I'm still enjoying it. I think the battles and the skills are well done.

I got the eat eat guy to have like 6 blue magics. It's easier to get him to eat stuff as teh game goes on,

I have a japanese test tomorrow morning. whuuuuu. Will went to my class this morning. the teacher was as crazy as normal, so it wasnt really exciting. the ned

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