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my thoughts exactly.

I had this exact same "conversation" with Kevin one night towards the end of summer, except I was playing SNK vs Capcom, and got stuck on Zangief and then stupid evil ryu.

ZeroBatsu (2:08:44 AM): played mvc2
ZeroBatsu (2:08:52 AM): and soul calibru
CevN (2:09:17 AM): cool
ZeroBatsu (2:09:21 AM): yes
CevN (2:09:21 AM): i'm watching ebichu
ZeroBatsu (2:09:30 AM): and I did good with mitsurugi
ZeroBatsu (2:09:34 AM): and anakaris
ZeroBatsu (2:09:47 AM): people are all confused when I punk them with the throw/coffin drop moves
CevN (2:10:49 AM): who's mitsurugi
CevN (2:10:52 AM): oh soul calibre person
CevN (2:11:02 AM): people get pissed off
CevN (2:11:11 AM): cause they can't block the throw
CevN (2:11:15 AM): even though it does such little damage
ZeroBatsu (2:11:15 AM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:11:34 AM): every time I play that game
ZeroBatsu (2:11:41 AM): and everyone gets all good and intense
ZeroBatsu (2:11:49 AM): I suddenly remembver to mash the buttons
ZeroBatsu (2:11:58 AM): and then people get all mad cause I win with random people
ZeroBatsu (2:12:04 AM): and they cant do anything
CevN (2:13:17 AM): yesu
CevN (2:13:35 AM): the best way to win is to just bring out all your guys all the time
CevN (2:13:37 AM): and confuse them
ZeroBatsu (2:14:27 AM): yeah
CevN (2:14:37 AM): this cartoon is special
ZeroBatsu (2:14:38 AM): actully the button mashing was regarding soul calibur
ZeroBatsu (2:14:40 AM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (2:14:47 AM): i call it "social commentary"
ZeroBatsu (2:14:53 AM): MVC2
CevN (2:15:12 AM): i need to play doa2
ZeroBatsu (2:15:14 AM): I learned a good stratgey is to do and air fireball, but press the fireball button and the helper button at the same time
CevN (2:15:14 AM): self boot is neat
ZeroBatsu (2:15:17 AM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (2:15:23 AM): I need alot more copied games
CevN (2:15:27 AM): yesu
ZeroBatsu (2:15:29 AM): cause I have more acces to dreamcast
ZeroBatsu (2:15:36 AM): I need SF3 american
CevN (2:15:39 AM): i spent all daytime today copying games
ZeroBatsu (2:15:46 AM): i need to go to calpoly
ZeroBatsu (2:15:49 AM): and visit
CevN (2:15:56 AM): parker wants copies too
CevN (2:15:56 AM): buh
ZeroBatsu (2:15:57 AM): but that would recuire someone taking me there
CevN (2:16:02 AM): yesu
ZeroBatsu (2:17:43 AM): I think I'm gonna play ff9 again
ZeroBatsu (2:17:51 AM): I wonder if it's going to boot from the second cd
ZeroBatsu (2:17:55 AM): I know it wont
ZeroBatsu (2:17:59 AM): cause it didn't yesterday
ZeroBatsu (2:18:02 AM): oh well
CevN (2:18:21 AM): ahh, the green dildo
CevN (2:18:30 AM): and they show this on tv
CevN (2:18:34 AM): and people watch it.
CevN (2:18:35 AM): bahahaha
ZeroBatsu (2:20:08 AM): yes!
CevN (2:21:23 AM): oh no
CevN (2:21:27 AM): he's having sex with the mahjong
ZeroBatsu (2:21:50 AM): rehahahah
ZeroBatsu (2:22:29 AM): alex's PSX makes wierd noises
CevN (2:22:40 AM): i don't understand the mahjong money
CevN (2:22:47 AM): is it equivalent to cash or something?
ZeroBatsu (2:22:56 AM): I dont either
ZeroBatsu (2:23:02 AM): I guess it's like poker chips
CevN (2:23:45 AM): man, she beats on the hamster so much
ZeroBatsu (2:23:54 AM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:23:57 AM): that's shat i thought
ZeroBatsu (2:24:09 AM): It's so graphic it's not even funny
ZeroBatsu (2:24:13 AM): it's just messed up
CevN (2:24:23 AM): bahaha, the guy is falling in love with the hamster... uh oh
ZeroBatsu (2:24:35 AM): uh oh indeed O:-)
ZeroBatsu (2:24:37 AM): heheheheh
ZeroBatsu (2:25:36 AM): huzzah1
ZeroBatsu (2:25:39 AM): ff9 time
ZeroBatsu (2:25:41 AM): yesu!
CevN (2:25:42 AM): ok
ZeroBatsu (2:25:44 AM): ah
ZeroBatsu (2:25:52 AM): just talked to rahma for the first time
ZeroBatsu (2:25:58 AM): now I'm in a forest
CevN (2:26:17 AM): they put a picture of some girl playing ff9 on hot or not
CevN (2:26:20 AM): and she got a 2.3
ZeroBatsu (2:26:29 AM): waht?
ZeroBatsu (2:26:33 AM): you should have saved that
CevN (2:27:01 AM): it was at someone else's palce
CevN (2:27:05 AM): you can't tell she's playing ff9
CevN (2:27:09 AM): they took it of her
CevN (2:27:14 AM): she's sitting in front of a tv with a ps controller
ZeroBatsu (2:27:34 AM): ah
ZeroBatsu (2:27:38 AM): how do you know it's ff9?
CevN (2:27:53 AM): cause the people who took the picture were there
CevN (2:28:03 AM): oh my god
CevN (2:28:19 AM): the ending song sounds like the jet set radio song
ZeroBatsu (2:28:27 AM): yar
ZeroBatsu (2:28:34 AM): yesa
ZeroBatsu (5:22:02 AM): eat eat has som many blue magic now!

Auto response from CevN (5:22:03 AM): hello ZeroBatsu, i'm probably sleeping or studying or playing video games or eating or maybe showering or brushing my teeth or watching tv or something.

ZeroBatsu (5:22:09 AM): eating things is really handy
ZeroBatsu (5:22:24 AM): cause you just get them to like under 1/4 of their life
ZeroBatsu (5:22:29 AM): and he eats them
ZeroBatsu (5:22:41 AM): and usually gets a new magic that's actually good
CevN signed off at 12:27:18 PM.
CevN signed on at 12:32:46 PM.
CevN (12:35:44 PM): too many video games!!!!!

Auto response from ZeroBatsu (12:35:44 PM):
Look! 'Tis me good friend CevN !
I must have left this thing on, and left. I'll be back later!

CevN (12:35:51 PM): trickery!
ZeroBatsu (1:09:45 PM): yes

Auto response from CevN (1:09:46 PM): hello ZeroBatsu, i'm probably sleeping or studying or playing video games or eating or maybe showering or brushing my teeth or watching tv or something.

ZeroBatsu (1:09:47 PM): turkery!
CevN (1:29:25 PM): yersu
CevN (1:35:29 PM): silent scope!
ZeroBatsu (1:37:13 PM): booga boggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZeroBatsu (1:37:20 PM): Now that s what I call a long a!
ZeroBatsu (1:58:01 PM):
ZeroBatsu (1:58:06 PM): pso onlihe funnyness
CevN (1:59:32 PM): bah!
CevN (1:59:36 PM): silent scope too hard
ZeroBatsu (1:59:40 PM): ah
ZeroBatsu (1:59:49 PM): so's my dick@!!!!!!!!!!
CevN (1:59:57 PM): ... yesu
CevN (2:00:07 PM): are you thinkign about ebichu the housekeeping hamster?
ZeroBatsu (2:01:07 PM): no...
CevN (2:01:07 PM): yesu, doa
CevN (2:01:13 PM): i barely played this ever
ZeroBatsu (2:01:14 PM): but I am sending it to patrick!!!!!!!!!
CevN (2:01:19 PM): yes!
ZeroBatsu (2:01:20 PM): rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
CevN (2:01:22 PM): he wasnted to see it
ZeroBatsu (2:01:31 PM): did you llok at thei link?
CevN (2:01:33 PM): there's too many translation notes in the beginning
ZeroBatsu (2:01:37 PM): penny arcade is relaly funny!
ZeroBatsu (2:01:40 PM): yeah
CevN (2:01:41 PM): and it palys the yoori gallop song
CevN (2:01:41 PM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:01:46 PM): but it makes it make more sense
CevN (2:01:46 PM): i want a hadouken t-shirt
ZeroBatsu (2:01:55 PM): look at the link i just sent
ZeroBatsu (2:01:59 PM):
CevN (2:02:00 PM): i did
CevN (2:02:02 PM): pso fun
ZeroBatsu (2:02:04 PM): ah
CevN (2:02:58 PM): cool
CevN (2:03:03 PM): pso has internet capabilities
CevN (2:03:04 PM): oh damn
CevN (2:03:15 PM): it just reset my game
CevN (2:03:16 PM): not pso
CevN (2:03:16 PM): doa2
ZeroBatsu (2:03:36 PM): :@
CevN (2:03:44 PM): :@ indeed!
CevN (2:03:47 PM): but it didn't work
CevN (2:03:51 PM): lksjdfklsdf
CevN (2:03:53 PM): so many new gmaes
ZeroBatsu (2:03:53 PM): it looks cool
ZeroBatsu (2:03:59 PM): :@
CevN (2:06:36 PM): how do you counter in doa2?
ZeroBatsu (2:06:47 PM): uh
ZeroBatsu (2:06:53 PM): you press like towards and block
ZeroBatsu (2:06:54 PM): i think
ZeroBatsu (2:07:03 PM): or down towards and block
ZeroBatsu (2:07:09 PM): like right when they do it
CevN (2:08:53 PM): the french girl is cool
CevN (2:08:58 PM): how she does the foot stepping on moves
ZeroBatsu (2:09:10 PM): uh
ZeroBatsu (2:09:21 PM): jam buttons and press forwards and stuff
CevN (2:09:28 PM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:09:30 PM): That's pretty much the stratgey for the game
CevN (2:09:42 PM): it gets a little complicated when playing other people
CevN (2:09:45 PM): cause they can counter easily
ZeroBatsu (2:09:48 PM): yeah
ZeroBatsu (2:09:51 PM): then you start throwing
CevN (2:10:14 PM): wow
CevN (2:10:19 PM): i kicked him through the building!
ZeroBatsu (2:10:34 PM): ytea
ZeroBatsu (2:10:36 PM): it's fun
ZeroBatsu (2:10:39 PM): helena uis the best
ZeroBatsu (2:10:45 PM): and she's pretty
ZeroBatsu (2:10:55 PM): and she's the only one who has anything ever resembling a plot
CevN (2:11:07 PM): the cowboy guy who has a hulk hogan costume is cool
ZeroBatsu (2:11:20 PM): yeah
CevN (2:11:46 PM): yesu
CevN (2:12:00 PM): it's in japanese!
CevN (2:12:38 PM): i wonder if there's a language setting
ZeroBatsu (2:13:02 PM): i dotn think so
ZeroBatsu (2:13:46 PM): @@@!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (2:13:53 PM): I just read every Penny arcade no1!!!!!!!!
CevN (2:13:54 PM): oh no
ZeroBatsu (2:14:00 PM): no= that ever existede
CevN (2:14:00 PM): dirty old man just killed me
ZeroBatsu (2:14:03 PM): ah
ZeroBatsu (2:14:06 PM): he's a dirty btt
ZeroBatsu (2:14:08 PM): butt
ZeroBatsu (2:14:12 PM): I'm gonna play ff9 more now
ZeroBatsu (2:14:21 PM): and have fun with the super glare of my screen
CevN (2:15:56 PM): yesu
ZeroBatsu (2:17:04 PM): eat eat has alot of blue magic
ZeroBatsu (2:17:09 PM): it's really easy to get now
CevN (2:17:26 PM): yeah
CevN (2:17:58 PM): why do you fight tengu at the end?
ZeroBatsu (2:18:06 PM): no one knows
ZeroBatsu (2:18:11 PM): and it dosent make sense
ZeroBatsu (2:18:16 PM): and it's never explained
ZeroBatsu (2:18:26 PM): but it's his delusion or something
ZeroBatsu (2:18:39 PM): @!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (2:18:41 PM): ff9 is working!
ZeroBatsu (2:18:43 PM): time to paly
CevN (2:21:29 PM): there are subtitles
CevN (2:26:34 PM): oh man
CevN (2:26:41 PM): the endings are really special
CevN (3:22:33 PM): how doust though suck
CevN (3:22:36 PM): let my count your wounds
CevN (3:23:33 PM): stupid urien
CevN (3:30:48 PM): why's akuma easier than hugo?!?
CevN (3:34:03 PM): hugo special too good!
CevN (3:34:54 PM): NO!
CevN (3:34:57 PM): hugo keeps beating me!
CevN (3:37:41 PM): STUPID HUGO!
CevN (3:40:03 PM): aHUAGO BUTAMHOLE!
CevN (3:42:24 PM): buh, finally
CevN (3:43:20 PM): buh, too hard
CevN (3:56:14 PM): stupid!
CevN (3:59:02 PM): i figured it out!
CevN (3:59:08 PM): necro's specials
CevN (3:59:12 PM): are too slow if you use the hard attack
CevN (4:01:40 PM): wow computer is good with twelve
ZeroBatsu (4:05:41 PM): they just peed together!
ZeroBatsu (4:05:47 PM): want sf3!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroBatsu (4:05:50 PM): back to ff9
ZeroBatsu (4:05:53 PM): hugo funny desi
ZeroBatsu (4:05:56 PM): dechu
CevN (4:06:50 PM): is it just me
CevN (4:06:56 PM): or are special moves not as useful as normal moves now
CevN (4:07:56 PM): wow
CevN (4:07:58 PM): i'm never gonna beat gil
CevN (4:08:41 PM): UGH!
CevN (4:08:43 PM): stupid sf3!
CevN (4:10:50 PM): i don't understand!
CevN (4:11:00 PM): why's gill so hard
CevN (4:11:58 PM): stupid gill
CevN (4:12:01 PM): he has revive spefial
CevN (4:12:32 PM): grrg
CevN (4:12:33 PM): !!!
CevN (4:13:17 PM): FREAKING GILL!!!!!1
CevN (4:15:25 PM): NBI/1
CevN (4:16:30 PM): NIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
CevN (4:16:33 PM): GILL YOU BASTRAD?!
CevN (4:16:35 PM): Bastard!
CevN (4:19:48 PM): bah!
CevN (4:24:00 PM): oh man
CevN (4:24:04 PM): he just seraphic W'ed me!
CevN (4:24:16 PM): i don't understand
CevN (4:24:19 PM): he's easy for a while
CevN (4:24:24 PM): and then he just starts being a cheapass bastard
CevN (4:26:36 PM): mugh
CevN (4:27:27 PM): FINALLY!
CevN (4:27:29 PM): STUPID GILL!
CevN (4:28:37 PM): YESu
CevN (4:28:40 PM): ending was worth it

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