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Status report!!!!!!!!!

My 24 hour marathon of playing ff9 comes to a pause as I head off to liam's room.
This is the first Final Fantasy game where I Didn't name the main character after myself. (except for ff6 where there isn't a main character (I named Gau after myself.)
I wish I had named The monkey guy Chris, although "Gozen" is a nice name (it's like goku, gohan, goten, gozen. cause he has a tail, right?) and the other people are named deecently. although I'm still not very attached to them as I was the ff4,6 and 7 characters. Although I kinda like the eat eat guy (who I named zoka, but I should have named "eat eat". I'm getting alot of blue magic, and it's actually helpfull. ok. need to shower.... buh, showering takes so much work!!!!! someone should jut do it for me.)

It's soooo nice to have the room to myself.

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