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18 August 2000 @ 11:27 am
SOul Calibur  
Soul Calibur is fun. Last night I got all of the art cards except for the posters, cause they cost 2000 points each. That game is fun. although it is a little too much button mashing. basically, you could play that game the exact same way you play Dead or alive 2, and you would probably win. I beat it with realitive ease on the hardest difficulty. but it's still very fun. I like to watch it. it's like a jackie chan movie. I wish I had someone to play against, but they would just always die, because most of my friends havent had as much practice with fighting games. except maybe kevin or sometimes jerome. aye maytie. man, I hate being tired.
I think my internet is messed up. because it downloads things at .6k a second, then an hour later it goes at 1148k a second. (I have DSL) and IM keeps kicking me off. and stuffffff. arrg maytie! I'm gonna have all thoes really hard missions beat soon. then I will read my books.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: getyergettup9