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Exciting news!

My Older sister's getting
She's getting married to a guy named ariel. he's neat. they've been together for some time. want to hear the story?

>MousepusherX (12:19:24 PM): chris
>Auto response from ZeroBatsu (12:19:24 PM): you know what's cool? I
have 30 away messages, yet none saying that I'm at class.
>MousepusherX (12:19:27 PM): are you there?
>MousepusherX (12:19:43 PM): ok, well, i was in japan town this am for
the dentist
>MousepusherX (12:19:55 PM): i went to a couple stores looking for comic
books for you.
>MousepusherX (12:19:59 PM): they didn't have any
>MousepusherX (12:20:11 PM): but I did get you a big fat manga book of
>MousepusherX (12:20:20 PM): I can't tell, 'cause it's all in japanese
>MousepusherX (12:20:48 PM): i also got you some japanese
food....crackers, that kind of thing.
>MousepusherX (12:20:55 PM): you can have them this weekend
>ZeroBatsu (1:55:28 PM): huzzah!
>ZeroBatsu (1:55:29 PM): oh
>Auto response from MousepusherX (1:55:29 PM): I'm actually working.
Leave a message and I'll get back you.
>ZeroBatsu (1:55:35 PM): can I come home on saturday morning?
>ZeroBatsu (1:55:41 PM): cause Friday is a big party day here
>ZeroBatsu (1:55:45 PM): and I dont have class
>MousepusherX (2:04:12 PM): yeah, i think that is ok
>ZeroBatsu (2:04:20 PM): huzzah!
>ZeroBatsu (2:04:28 PM): I"m gonna return the box from palo alto
>MousepusherX (2:04:33 PM): so...
>ZeroBatsu (2:04:35 PM): and then I can register my ATM card
>MousepusherX (2:04:48 PM): that's ok. the post office is closed on sat
>ZeroBatsu (2:05:00 PM): well, i can set it up at least
>MousepusherX (2:05:01 PM): but you can mail it from Longs for more $$
>ZeroBatsu (2:05:09 PM): roar
>ZeroBatsu (2:05:15 PM): Im tired
>MousepusherX (2:05:23 PM): did you get a return authorization number or
something like that?
>MousepusherX (2:05:49 PM): I don't know what manga I got
>ZeroBatsu (2:05:54 PM): oh?
>MousepusherX (2:05:55 PM): but it's really manga looking
>MousepusherX (2:05:58 PM): about 1 inch thick
>ZeroBatsu (2:05:59 PM): is it like a big thinck
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:00 PM): yeah
>MousepusherX (2:06:03 PM): on crumby paper
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:04 PM): like cheap paper?
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:05 PM): yeah
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:09 PM): thoes are the books
>MousepusherX (2:06:16 PM): brb
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:20 PM): that they are distributed in weekly
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:32 PM): if they're really popular then they're
reprinted in real books
>ZeroBatsu (2:06:45 PM): but thoes are like the sunday comics
>ZeroBatsu (2:07:08 PM): like cheap, and recycled and you read through
it in a few minutes and then give it away or leave it in the train
>MousepusherX (2:08:41 PM): yeah...they were numbered too
>MousepusherX (2:08:47 PM): i just got you the latest one
>ZeroBatsu (2:08:49 PM): oh
>ZeroBatsu (2:08:51 PM): neat
>MousepusherX (2:08:53 PM): it was only $3
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:00 PM): i look forward to seeing it
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:02 PM): yeah
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:08 PM): that's about how much they are in japan
>MousepusherX (2:09:16 PM): they had a whole series but I didn't know
what they were so... I didn't get a whole bunch
>MousepusherX (2:09:23 PM): oh
>MousepusherX (2:09:24 PM): btw
>MousepusherX (2:09:26 PM): BIG
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:27 PM): yeah?
>MousepusherX (2:09:28 PM): NEWS
>MousepusherX (2:09:30 PM): FROM
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:31 PM): what?
>MousepusherX (2:09:31 PM): JENNIFER
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:35 PM): uh?
>MousepusherX (2:09:36 PM): BIG
>MousepusherX (2:09:38 PM): big
>MousepusherX (2:09:41 PM): news!!!
>ZeroBatsu (2:09:47 PM): ok

>MousepusherX (2:09:56 PM): Ariel for months made her believe...
>MousepusherX (2:10:06 PM): that she was going with him to a business
trip to boston
>MousepusherX (2:10:14 PM): but after a couple hours on the plane
>MousepusherX (2:10:26 PM): with the little path thingie showing them
somewhere over montreal
>MousepusherX (2:10:34 PM): she realized that they weren't going to
>ZeroBatsu (2:10:36 PM): hrm
>MousepusherX (2:10:40 PM): so he had her believing
>MousepusherX (2:10:48 PM): they were going to Zurich for business...
>MousepusherX (2:10:50 PM): but,
>MousepusherX (2:10:54 PM): when they got to zurich,
>MousepusherX (2:10:59 PM): instead of stopping there...
>MousepusherX (2:11:05 PM): they were connecting to italy
>MousepusherX (2:11:11 PM): and Jen was getting suspecious
>MousepusherX (2:11:14 PM): ...anyway
>MousepusherX (2:11:26 PM): he took her to Veniece in Italy
>MousepusherX (2:11:28 PM): and...
>MousepusherX (2:11:30 PM): and..
>MousepusherX (2:11:31 PM): and...
>ZeroBatsu (2:11:42 PM): suspence
>MousepusherX (2:11:44 PM): proposed to her on one of the bridges
overlooking a canal
>MousepusherX (2:11:47 PM): !!!
>MousepusherX (2:11:49 PM): so...
>MousepusherX (2:11:53 PM): she's getting married!
>ZeroBatsu (2:11:56 PM): wow
>MousepusherX (2:12:00 PM): Wow!
>MousepusherX (2:12:06 PM): He gets A +
>MousepusherX (2:12:09 PM): for creativity
>MousepusherX (2:12:12 PM): romanticism...
>MousepusherX (2:12:13 PM): etc.
>ZeroBatsu (2:12:17 PM): I thought she wasn't going to for a few years
>MousepusherX (2:12:24 PM): he even had the airlines roped into it so
they wouldn
>MousepusherX (2:12:32 PM): 'twouldn't announce the flight destination
>ZeroBatsu (2:12:37 PM): wow
>ZeroBatsu (2:12:41 PM): that's pretty good
>MousepusherX (2:12:45 PM): and he gave them her she
never knew...
>MousepusherX (2:12:53 PM): it's quite a story
>MousepusherX (2:13:05 PM): jen called last night and she babbled on for
about a hour telling all the details
>MousepusherX (2:13:19 PM): anyway, date yet nor location
>ZeroBatsu (2:13:26 PM): that's crazy
>MousepusherX (2:13:26 PM): could be a beach party
>MousepusherX (2:13:31 PM): a garden party...
>ZeroBatsu (2:13:31 PM): in santa cruz?
>MousepusherX (2:13:32 PM): etc.
>MousepusherX (2:13:35 PM): maybe!
>ZeroBatsu (2:13:36 PM): I could bring my friends
>MousepusherX (2:13:40 PM): wow!
>ZeroBatsu (2:13:43 PM): and crash it
>MousepusherX (2:13:44 PM): artzie
>ZeroBatsu (2:13:45 PM): hahah
>MousepusherX (2:13:54 PM): and mr catfish!
>ZeroBatsu (2:13:56 PM): I can finally meet her other siblings

so that's pretty exciting. And She has other siblings because she's my half sister, and has another sister and brother in illinois. huzzah!

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