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At the time, I thought this would make the perfect screenplay.

I dreamed that there was a kid who lived in a big house, but his parents were leaving the house for him to take care of. But there were these australians who were auditing all the things in the house, and the parents wanted the kid to convince them that the stuff was worth more stuff than the australians wante it to be. And there were abounch of people (the kids friends) at the house. And they were all beating on the australians. And once again sonic the hedgehog was being played in my dream�

But then the kid got on pirate stuff eventually
And the austrailaians wee singing, and ttrying to convince him, but he refused and was all luffy cool. But then!!! He saw a girl who was on the australian team, and they started dancing the nutcracker suite and then there was this random black girl who through she was dancing it with us, but she was naked from the waist down, and then she fell over, and then my RA woke me up.

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