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It feels like a hotel here. but the town is nice, and the streets sre wide.

last night:
hello i am of the living dead. that is waht the people said when they had the guts to dupin the unimop. no thatsta a thing! I fgeel funny
east palo alto. no not paly that not what you think ix jin from tekken is like hella my favoprite character. hrm... cining. but wait how are you to see the movie from the game. the music is the restof the night. my su[per sonic anility to channel the people. hrm... parker;s room. in chiro. knocking! he's serious
what will this tell the people of the world you're comming I can see you. what am I typeing. oh yolu;re not looking at me anyu more. how? well am I typing? maytne IO vasn think in ni hongo. ni hon go wa totemo intoicut. duse@! ne!

But I cant call you back? who are you I fdont aknote but I must save1

sober.rene who is that? who is you! quiet you! somthing tastes in my nouth. I should not lick it, buty it is sooo tasty But it is nothing. and I woulf like to go thast wayngnngjg

this this the captains log, and this is what the octopus siad ! who are you sziad ht eoctopus.. my tounge ids going craziyu
aaaahs you touched my leg! knight rider! nintendo!~!~!~ ngsd ah0sod8gnf r bdsklg

hahahtaht was secret coavidhn ^@$$Ww4HI:WlJT RE

TODAY IS FIRST DAY LAND! it is now 144am. could that be what you are lotting that is that if that is fine. that's gettoing there travis I well I suck/\

kevin! hang out with him like every day! kevin! kevin kevinek!!!!! ywawowuf are you not the wone elliotA!? nnbut we're not ahtem ayhtj

helllo! myr worasd. I have written so much!~~!~ jhoewrhj aht!!!!

video games!!!!!!!!! I sould ... but now... fell sleepy. should I !... yes!!! I can cause I can do anythign!!!!!!

juggernaught, hulk and morrigan. after tronn jin and anakaris.

did I just play? I dont rknow!? but now! UFc!wow?!yo!
outside tojorrow?1 it's 2:17

the game went by hella slowly!!! bitch! silver samurai! I was fighting him like hella concious. I remember I just had more time to think. and stuff. now ufc!!@!!@

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