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29 April 2001 @ 12:06 pm
how did I update that?
THat's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!patrick did the patruding pecxcer attack to parker's hall~~!~~~

then he did the emperor turtle~~!!! yes!!!!!!!!!! emperor turtle!!!!!!!!!!!! satan is mbs~ patrick mbs~~~~~~~~~~ mbs!~~~~~~~ mbs!~!!!!!!!!
buh. have to leav now. it's like a big party here. I met a 7th grader and helped her with her paper on feudiolasm. it was excititng. but then the BB FUCKEd me!!!!! and then~~~

oh~~~!!!!!!!!! I beatSFIII with necro. it was special dhalsim cheap powers to peat gill!
I also super raped lauren with akuma's super devil attack move! then kevin and I laughed hilariously for ever~~~!~!!!!! parker's keyboard is funny.

we determined that Hugo is the dirty south, and parker was the dirty south! DIRTY SOUTH!
Current Mood: DIRTY SOUTH!satan!
Current Music: dirty south satan!!!