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I'm enjoying my solitude.

I'm reading memoirs of a geshia.
I'm still here by myself. I"m kinda getting starved for talking to people. I tried to talk to adrian last night, but I'm not cool enough for him to talk to. all I got out of him was:
Play basketball
I didn't learn he was a 6'7" black guy until will told me a few minutes ago. oh well, when adrian's done trying to social climb or there's no one else around, he'll talk to me, that's how it usually works.
I'm wearing my bathing suit. I don't have any disposable razors and My electric one is broken. so i havent shaved since tuesday. I will tomorrow before work. I'm going to make music cds of some dreamcast music. and I'm gonna clean up up here. but first I'm gonna finish my book.
You know what's missing from Marvel vs Capcom 2? victory quotes and endings. they should at least have some sort of story or somehting like in SNK vs Capcom where the other people say the same stuff, and the main guy says something interesting. i mean, it's not like they don't have enough space. That's part of the game that I really like is the story. arg mayite. ok, back to me book.
I havent eaten much this week. except milk. I went through 3 cartons of milk in one day. I bought 5 on friaday and i have 2 left by sunday morning.

If anyone wants to make me food and bring it by, feel free. You can challenge me to a game of SFIII or Soul Calibur or KOF99 or marvel vs capcom 2, or even DDR2ndremix. (with the controllers.)
oh well. One day I'll be able to see your entries, but until then I live in my world of darkness.!

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