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21 May 2001 @ 10:20 pm
MousepusherX (10:13:26 PM): chris...are you there?

Auto response from ZeroBatsu (10:13:26 PM):
Look! 'Tis me good friend MousepusherX !
I must have left this thing on, and left. I'll be back later!

MousepusherX (10:14:04 PM): siffel & oli? Grainy?...you gotta bekidding! for $30....! I work too hard for my money.
MousepusherX (10:14:20 PM): get it from a friend.!
MousepusherX (10:14:30 PM): S & O, not the clap!
MousepusherX (10:14:32 PM): bye
Current Music: my mom is funny
Helenhelen on May 21st, 2001 11:28 pm (UTC)
wow. I never realized until recently that your mom is crazy like you.

speaking of the clap................