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DOA cd

my DOA2/Soul Calibur CD is a sucess! I cut the endings and the openings out of the soul calibur part, becasue I have the entire thing on another cd. so it's just the opening and the stages. it works nicely. It's a good mix of music, and the recordign came out nicely.
I think Eliot's gonna be buy here soon to chill and stuff. (by chill I mean- actually I don't know. nevermind.)
I have to water the plants, I havent for a bit. I also need to clean the cat boxes and finish my book. I'm on page 234. It's nice. I like it. I think i can appreicate it more because I've actually been to the area of Kyoto where the story takes place, and so I can picture everything. it's really fun. the part about the toilets wouldn't make sense unless you've seen japanese toilets. they are like urinals in the ground. I don't understand why they don't just use western toilets. it's horrible making old people squat over toilets. and what if you're constapated? I can't squat for like half an hour with no pants on. thoes things suck ass. I think that's the only two things that I hated about japan. Taking your shoes off constantly and using thoes satanic squat toilets. aye

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