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uh yeah. my mom wants me to live upstairs so my dad can have my room. My room is really comfy, and the upstairs room is not tempeture regulated, so that's pooy. of course, there are advantages, so it's good. uh.
Courtney's cool boyfriend let me borrow Ogre Battle 64. I started playing it, and It's so similar to the supernes one that I started having flashbacks and thinking about how arduous the first game was. but oh well. I'm also very tempted to play it again! man... I think the only reason I stoped was because I didn't want to have to go through the whole game again.

but at least in the n64 versuib you can save during campaigns, which isn't as hard core as the supernes version, but it dose make it easier. yar. I want like hella games, but I dont know when I'll play them all. right now i still have to beat ff8 and ff9, and ff5 and fftactics. I also havent even started my zelda642 game, and I want to get a dreamcast. At least I beat Megaman Ledgends2, so that means I"m allowed to get MegaManX5 which I will probably beat in a day or two, but will really enjoy. (I still need to beat MMX4 with zero. stupid bosses raping zero.) but I need the GBA so I can play Megaman EXE. also, I want to get crystalis for Color Game boy. buh, at least GB I can play at theatre. of course, I sohuld really be rehersing when I'm at theatre, so That's not too good. I dont know. I just want so much. also I"m ghonnna make CMH really good soon. hrmm.... AAuditions are soon. I should really get a real monolouge this year, instead of making one up. I dont know how I'll be able to top my self from last year. yeah... and action figures. I'm really looking forward to more SFIII action figures. I"m really liking SFIII now. I want dudley and sean and Dan. that would make me happy. also cool people like Karin and guy. that shold be the next set. Dudley Dan Ibuki Karin Guy and either Guile or Zangief!

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