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ugh. Stupid desert palace in FF9. the candles werent the hard part, it was figuring out that you can go off the screen and on to the next part in certain places that made it take so long. stupid wierd level design. but the boss was funny cause he was easy. It took like at least 5 hours of that stupid candle place to finally figure out that you can walk past the moogle and get to the angle/devil place, and then figuring out that there was a lever to push to make the ladder go down was annoying too. I hope the next place isn't all stupid like that. but at least I got a lot of AP from it, especially since I was using the people who I hadn't been using much latetly. it was also annoying cause I had "healer" equiped on the claw guy, and I didn't know that turned his damage into healing damage, so I couldnt attack with him. at least he had chakra, which is an incredibally good move. it only takes 4mp, but fills up other people like 30-50mp and himself like 30mp, so you just keep having him do it over and over. I need to chores. like re-organize my room and stuff. I need to figure out how to have the subwoofer connected to the computer and the Video games without having to plug/unplug it. hrm... have an idea, but it's kinda stupid. at least I know my VCR works. year

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