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CMT all night long

I went to CMT all day friday and partied allnight and day with the other conselors. it was sick. Wil's getitng to me. I wrote tite instead of sick, and then erased it becasue I like sick better. I played hella Foozeball and I'm getting alot better, even though I still suck. Finally my parents are all home. I realised how much it sucks to have them there. it really just makes me feel stressed and restrictded. I feel like I can't do anythng, and like they are gonna come in here anyminute and make me do chores. MY mom thinks that she's gonna throw away all my stuff. in both of my rooms. she is an idiot. just cause she's thrown away all the stuff she's collected in her life dosent mean I need to. I don't understand why we can't just put it in a closet or something. I mean just cause she dosent like my old nintendo powers and comic books, dosent mean that it's ok to throw them away. maybe I hsould throw away her stupid crap that's laying all over. She had my college phone bill sent to the house, instead of me. I think she wants to monitor my calls, make sure I don't call any long distance things, or talk to long. Originaly she tried to convice me that maybe I didn't even need a phone, becasue afterall, I'll only use it to talk to friends and It'll just be a distraction to my studies.
My stomach hurts. I think it was all that pizza. and stuff. ooogaoooga. I'm almost finished with my book. man. My parents are so annoying. just having them in the house makes me ach all over. all they do is aks how I"m going to change my study habits during college and stuff. They have no faith in me at all, just cause I'm not cleaning up my room two weeks before I leave. farty fart fart. now I have 2 weeks of no respinsibilty. sadly I believe my mom will try to make me do chores the whole time. Ramble ramble.
I gave will his dreamcast back thursday night. I beat him at soul calibur. I beat him everytime, even when I used voldo. I let eliot play the day before, but I let him win cause I just felt like it. sometimes it's fun to just press the buttons without trying to win. I also played SFIII at will'shouse. I beat the game with necro, but I used Ken to get to him. GIll is a cheap bastard. not just his health restoring move, but his ability to be good and take off hella life when he is almost dead. or the way that his healing move pushes you away, and you can't hit him until it's started up alittle first. But now I can say I've beenten the game with Ryu Remmy and Necro. Necro is cool. He is kinda like Luffy from ONE PIECE.
man I smell bad. I think I'm immune to the smell of cat pee now, becuase I can no longer smell it. plus I'm getting sick. I kept coughing up all this lung butter and stuff. It's a nice day.

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