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rehersal got out early today.
I turned my computer on to pay my credit card, but appearently I have a balance of $50. (a debt of negative $50... which means I've over paid $50, but it's actaulyl cause they took like 2 months to credit my acount.) I reall cant complain. I really have a lot on my mind, but no one cares. of curse this journal is about me for me. Sepaking of which, I should have gone back to the theatre with helen. but I chose to stay at my house. I'm not very supportive, and that's not the best way for me to run my life. my mom is mad because My licence expired today, and I havent gotten it renued, feven though I knew about it for ever. theatre is taking up all my time, but we got out early. of course, I still have all this unfinished stuff, and I feel like the camp really should be better organized. also, I need to plan Pippi.
now helen is here and I cant type this and play with her.

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