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howdy. Yesterday I got to go to costplus with my mom and sister. seeing as though I hadn't been outside of the house for some days, I accepted. afterwards, we went to the beanbag store. but I'm getting ahead of myself. as we got to costplus, I realised which store costplus was. costplus is the satan store. it is the most boring, horrible store. when I think back to the most boring shopping experiences of my childhood, I think of costplus. well, I'm very proud to say that I managed to find something entertaining to do there last night. I found some of the "toys" (mostly broken wooden crap) I took three very nice wooden tops, with metal tiped spinning parts. I spun thoes for a whiel. then I got a wind up blue crab and two of thoes dumb little things that are on the little base thing, and then you push a button on the underside of the base, and it goes limp. A cow and a chicken actually. (heheh, cow and chicken, I wasn't even aware of that at the time.) both their heads were facing backwards, so i spun their heads around so that they could see in front of them. then my three new "friends" and i watched the tops spinning.
YOu have to keep in mind that I am sitting in the middle of the floor doing this, and i smell and look rather gross.
after a bit of doing that, I got about 25 crappy wooden rulers and aranged them on their sides so that they made things, like a pen for the three tops, or an elevated platform for mr. crab, so he could see better.

Eventually I had to saw good by to my friends, and we left. next we went to the bean bag store. can you believe bean bags cost from $50 to $100!!! that's crazy! we soon left, because that was maadd silly to pay that much money. especially if I wasn't gonna be around to appreaciate it.
Our final destination was wal-mart. basically, I wanted to buy a transformer, and I wanted to do it now. so i did. There werent many to pick from, although I did see some new beast machines figures. a new bad guy, (this helecopter thing,) and a new good guy (a bull) Personally, I think that most of the animal ones are stupid, because their heads always become their hands. but they look neat. I only buy the bad beast machines, because they turn into cars and stuff, and so they look more like old school transformers. I bought the evil tankor. he's pretty cool. he's a delus model, that means he cost $15 instead of the usual $7. but it's worth it. there is only one more transformer I want to buy, and it's Optimal Optimus, the big $32 optimus. I saw it at toys r us, but I didn't buy it, cause I didn't have enough money. but I will! and then I will be done. I don't even know what I'm gonna do with all these toys. I'm gonna take them to school with me, but I don't know how many, or if I'll have room. I know I'm not gonna be able to take all of them. But I'm certain that i'm gonna take my darkstalker 3 toys, and my new school transformers. maybe that's all i'll bring in the beginning. I"m afriad of people comming in and playing with them. and knocking them over, Lynn and david!!!!
After I selected my toy, my mom decided that we should look for sheets. Porter beds are single long, which means they are a wierd size. Wal Mart didn't have any in that size. THen we had to find Brittney at the camping isle. but she wasn't there. she was at the singing fish display. SHe was pressing all the buttons so that they'd all sing at once. It's funny because the fish sing so long that it's easy to get them all going. they are cute. Then as we were trying to leave, Rich (the guy in the ticket booth at PACT) came and started talking to us. He and my mom started planning a pat and michael roast. he thought it would be funny. I kept thinking "scott, get me sunchips! Justin, get me sunchips! Conrad, get me sunchips!" finally he left, and we got to the checkout place, but then my mom and sister wanted me to try on clothes. I did even though I knew what would fit, and what wouldn't. it was silly, and I was having really bad gas from all the meat i had eaten the night before. I ended up buying some rust red shorts. I like them.

Now the fun part. We get in line. and we wait and wait and wait, and this old chinese lady cashier is going really slowly. and she kept having to call the manager to help punch in the credit card numbers. then the cashregister started beeping, and then it exploded, and we sliped away with outpaying for my toy, or our birdseed.
The End

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