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31 August 2000 @ 12:30 am
Transformers 2!  
Today was better than yesterday. Eliot came over, and we went to patricks house. patrick was pretending to be not home, but we went into his house and his room and forced him to go with us to toys r us. I didn't know that you could get to it going down middlefield, but you can. of course, it involves going through the scarry mexican area where everything is all broken, and there are mexican flags all over. toys r us is fun. I bought Optimal Optimus.

he's really cool. reminds me of old school sixshot. I think it's the wings, and the rudimentary structure. Eliot contemplated buying Bomberman hero, but kevin and i said no. patrick said stuff too. we plaed witht the toys. I got my toys and left. then we whent and hung out at carls jr. it was nice there, even though kevin put the n'sync sticker on my back and i din't know it, and i kinda wondered why people were staring at me. maybe it was my transformer shirt, I thought.
then we went to Malibu. (the japanese version of Marvel vs capcom 2 is retarded. you have to bring your vmu to the arcade to get all of the characters.) we watched the mad mexican/AP posse play DDR. then Eliot and I tried it. I was lucky enough to have played the home version, so I had some idea of what to expect. but eliot didn't. I think he had fun. we failed after the second song (Olivia project song, and then butterfly.) does the arcade not have kung fu fighting? I like that song!, and I can actually do it. then we left. We drove around in a giant circle. I started to fall asleep. then we went to patricks house, and played Bomberman Quake 3. It's really sweet. Eliot and Kevin and I are gonna help him with some of it. then I went back home and opend my toy. he is mad sick! he has the original optimus robot head, so that makes it all good. (I also bought the sailor Moon S movie. I need to watch it. I hope it's cool! I liked sailor Moon r movie. Hopefully this one's worth buying.)
Alright. NOw I am typing. I get to go to seybold tomorrow all day, so I don't think I'll be home till later. hopefully it wont suck. and I just spent $60 on toys, so no china toys browsing for me.
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Current Music: "Butterfly" stuck in head.
MegaManmegaman on August 31st, 2000 12:49 am (UTC)
forgot to center the pictuer. I'm just glad it worked!
ladydinl on August 31st, 2000 05:58 am (UTC)
you mustve had a fun day. it sure was filled with plenty of activities. i hope u have another fulfilling day. japanese anime is the best. for sailor moon s did u get the english sub-titled one??? they are always better than the english translated ones. and im not sure if im right but sailor s is a pretty good movie if its the one with the ice queen. r is with fiore right??? oh well its like almost 6am and im tired. suprised i wrote soo much. ah well. have a great one