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Camp story #6

A russian Fable adapted By Chris Webster

200 years ago in a small village in Russia, there lived a boy named Troy. Troy lived with his mom and his dad on their farm. They were very poor, and were running out of food. They had trouble getting more food, because Troy's older brother had gone away to the city to try become an artist. His name was Raskolnikov. Troy's parents were worried because they had not heard from him for several years. The only sign they have that he reached the city safely, was the picture of a flower he had sent them several years ago. They feared that he had died.
However Troy's parents were adamant on one thing. Troy must have the best education they could afford, so they sent him to school everyday, so that he could grow up and become a politician and earn lots of money.
One day as troy was walking to school he saw a very shiny rock on the ground. He was very excited, because he thought that it might be money. He pulled on it, and someone shrieked!
Suddenly five gypsies swooped out of no where and started singing and dancing! Troy was very confused, and the gypsies told him that the shiny hing was actually the grandmother gypsy's crystal, and when she lost it, she lost all her magic as well. Her name was Alyona and she told troy that in return for helping her find her crystal she would use its power to help Troy. She explained that the crystal would look into his heart, and summon help him where he needs help the most. She held the crystal over her head, and all the gypsies danced around. The crystal glowed, and suddenly appearing in Troy's hands is a worn out hat. Inside the hat are some instructions. It says "put a hair from your head, some rotting fruit, and a dead bug in a hat, and put the hat on the ground. Then say these magical words, and you will have�" the rest is worn away. He takes the hat, says by to the gypsies, and goes on to school.
He's so excited that he tells his best friends, and during lunch they try the instructions. And suddenly! The zombie climbs out of the ground wearing the hat! The Troy and his friends are all excited, and names the zombie "Dimity" the zombie groans and looks contented.
The kid "Troy" Comes back to class and is introducing the zombie to his class. Dimity smiles and groans, and tries to follow Troy to his seat at the back of the class, but he bumps into all the other students on the way and falls over. The teacher tells Troy that his friend doesn't look so good, and he should go to the head master. All the class looks nervous, because the headmaster is very strict. If he found out that Dimity was a zombie, he would send him to the traveling circus, or worse!
The headmaster looks at Dimity, and immediately decides that he doesn't like him. Troy says that Dimity is his cousin, and a new student, but the headmaster say that he is obviously not fit to be in school, and should go back to the farm where he belongs. Luckily the headmaster is confused because Dimity has no reflexes or vital signs. She concludes that he is fit to go to class, because he doesn't have any symptoms that she is looking for.

Back at class, The teacher is teaching music class. Every gets to sing. When they are singing in a group, the zombie sings too, and just makes a lot of loud zombie noises. After a few times of politely ignoring it, the teacher finally suggests that maybe Dimity not sing and just keep the beat with his feet. Oh no! Here's trouble!!!! Dimity starts to keep the beat with his feet, but he's so uncoordinated that he falls and knocks everyone over.
Uh playing PE. It's baseball, and Dimity gets hit. They are all concerned, and so they take him to the headmaster again. The headmaster inspects him again, and this time she comes back with a big book and a complicated doctor-examining thing. Um, she says lots of big words from the textbook, and that makes it funny. Um she does all these ridiculous test like pat your head and rub your tummy kind of things. She still can't figure out what's wrong with him, and then he gets to go back to class. Now it's time for Lunch.
At lunch Dimity expresses an interest in eating, but there's noting in Troy's lunch that interests him. So he starts to eat out of the garbage. Troy tries to get him to not do that, but he doesn't stop. Soon the Headmaster comes and tells him that he should start. He's all confused and stuff. The yard duty tells him that he should go back to the school headmaster, and this time the kids all come. Now the headmaster has another idea, she believes that Dimity is a werewolf, and she tries to point out the differences between normal kids and werewolves. But it didn't work, because the kids can all see that Dimity is not a werewolf. He threatens to sell him to the circus, and takes him in chains. The kids are all very sad and run after the headmasters.
The headmaster takes Dimity to town, and Troy's Parents are their buying bread. They see the headmaster, and say hi, and the headmaster asks if Dimity is really Troy's Cousin. They say no, and troy gets in trouble for lying to the headmaster. The police sergeant comes and talks to Troy and the headmaster. The police are excited because they've never seen a real werewolf before, and they want to blame it for all the livestock that have disappeared. All the villagers come and are mad at the werewolf. Buy Troy says that he's not a werewolf, really.
All of a sudden there is a horrible Howl! And two werewolves come. They laugh and then threaten to burn down the village. The villagers are in a panic, and suddenly Dimity comes and eats the torches with fire. The werewolves get frightened, and panic, and the police team captures them.
Now everyone is thankful to Dimity. Except the headmaster. Suddenly the gypsies come back, and tell Troy they figured out what the message meant. They explain that Dimity is a very talented artist. They give him a paper and he quickly draws a picture of the Headmaster. The headmaster is so touched that he changes his mind about dimity, and forgives him. Dimity Turns to Troy, and gives him a picture of a Flower, Identical to the one his brother gave to his parents. Troy cried, realizing that Dimity was actually his brother Raskalnikov, and Troy's parents are happy to see their son again, even if he is a zombie, and know that they can sell Dimity's paintings and get lots of money, so they'll never be poor again.
The end!

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