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I think I'll make some new icons for myself

did i mention that pokemon crystal is really fun?

i've been thinking that I've spent far too much money this summer, but then i look at the $80 i found in my backpack from one day of selling extra yearbooks, and i think it's really ok, cuase I still have $2000 left over.

then i think that if i had just gone to work, i would have made $100 more than I did making the yearbooks, and i would have had like 40 hours more back in my life.

but in reality, I really like the yearbooks, they were fun to make, and they made me feel proud. i think it was worth it, except for the part where helen went crazy, and got mad at me. oh well, I certianly learned from that, all of it, and am now a smarted person, and have a better idea of what I'm gonna do next summer/ with my life.
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