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Certain people need to seen me e-mail... they know who they are...
I jsut got back from Patrick's house. we played the Robot game for many hours. It's really nice, because it's not all cheating like starcraft, and it's fun, and it's actually possible to beat the computer, but it's still challenging. man... in our last game we won and I had 998 kills. if only I had been able to get two more... 1000 even. hahahahahah wow I'm tired. this probably doent make any sense for you.
For example, the subject phoney comes baecause I had been thinking "certain people need to send me e-mail, but what i was saying was certain people need to give me phone call. and tha't's what was running through my head when i made the subject. then i noticed that it was not correct. I wish I never had to sleep. today i was so tired that i was tired in my dream. my deams were wierd last night. there was alot of killing. I think it was the influence of too much robot game, and then watching the tom green cancer special right before going to bed. Although it was kinda cool being able to turn a stick into swords and stab lizardmen in the head. it was at my church. I kinda want to try out the "easy html" that this new version promises. let's see: this is the thing that says "make link" oh hey! it puts the code right in there for ya! that's pretty cool.
you should all check out my link yo!

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