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05 September 2000 @ 05:29 pm
I just realized that I have no responsibilites. or anything. I wake up at 3. and then at 5 I watch Dragon Ball Z's new episoids. Trunks came today. The music and Voice acting is getting better. It was a real shock when al the voices changed because they moved their operations from montreall to texas.
so I'm gonna try to translate more ONE PIECE now. I also want to make a cd of um jammer Lammy. yeah. man, it's nice here. actualyl it's really hot today. I havent showered much lately, so I feel kinda wierd. oh well. Maxwell is up here chilling with me. he's been up here alot. like he's asleep in the chair and then when I come back like a day later he's in the exact same position. he must really like it. maybe he likes the way i smell. or he just knows that I'll give him attention.
Current Mood: extatic
Current Music: um Jammer Lammy -radio Signal Jam