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27 August 2001 @ 09:48 pm
i dont know what's more pathetic:
the fact that SNK keeps trying to make fighting games...
the fact that i keep buying Last blade games, and they're stupid.
the fact that there are more fighting games on the GBA than on the N64.
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the pigeonpassengerpigeon on August 28th, 2001 01:42 am (UTC)
this is a good discussion topic.

I say that the latter is most pathetic, because frankly, the GBA is stupid. "Hey, let's make the Game Boy AGAIN, despite the fact that it's already more popular than Elvis and has been since its inception! And let's make it just like the Lynx, which was a dumb product even before anybody thought of it!"
MegaManmegaman on August 28th, 2001 02:05 am (UTC)
you evidently did not play my coveted $70 last blade on neo geo pocket, nor the "ground-breaking" Last blade 2 on Dreamcast.
Its all for the bestimagineirene on August 29th, 2001 03:20 pm (UTC)
I've played both, and i think it's funny that you spent 100 dollars on last blade games. I should find out if my brother trashed his neo geo or not, if not i can get it and all the cool games for it! like 8-man and magician lord and robo army! and fatal fury 1!