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cool beans!

today was a fun day.
i took Brittney Heideman and Karen smith to a kevin smith movie, and we had a lot of fun. isn't that right karen?
then I went to brittney's house. then stuff. then ben and ravi and patrick and travis and i played mage knight. it was really fun, and if i hadn't already spent like $900 this usmmer, would be tempted to buy some. bu now I"m gonna use the comic.
now for some reason my volume controll isn't working. but i have my headphones on. so it's ok. but oh well. but i'm listening to the cool cd of the girl from the wizard.
then we (ravi, travis and I) wen to to my house to watch the toonami daft punk and gorillaz music video. they were really neat, and i taped them. plus i saw clips of "adult swim" which includes Cowboy bebop, and...

new space ghost coast to coast!

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