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Cloud says: In a land of Stealing, and stealing things off the internet, and stealing more, and cd burners and 19 cent cds, I did a very funny thing this month. I bought 5 cds. yeah, at like about $15 each. It was worth it, sometimes when a really good cd or game comes out, you just want to send a little "thank you" to the developers and actually buy the game, as opposed to copyinging it. Games like Street Fighter III Third Strike, or Final Fantasy VII (and only VII. VIII and IX can suck it! hahaha! take that monkey boy!)

uh, i forgot what i was saying, and I"m too lazy to go back and re-read it. oh yeah, Cds... I bought Rilo Kiley, which is some indie band from LA. I saw them live at a coffe shop. Rumor has it the lead singer was the girl in the movie "Wizard" (which we all saw only because it had a sneak peek of Super Mario Brothers 3) and that's reason enough to buy anything. I also bought Cibo Matto: stereo Type A , which I will forever hold as a lyrical inspiration for anything. Intrinsically related to that, I also bought the Gorillaz Cd.

Get the cool... Get the cool shoeshine...

Then I bought Cornelius: Fantasma This Cd is like if Cibo matto's lyrics were sounds and samples and samba de amigo. I like that game. Finally I bought Trigun: Spicy Stewed Donuts Which is the tokyopop distrabution of the Trigun sound track. It's a combanation of the two Japanese soundtracks, and for $12 a nice deal. It cuts out all the stupid songs that no one wanted to hear on the japanese cds, and give you all the cool stuff. Few can Fend off the appeal of songs H.T., PHILOSOPHY in a Tea Cup, and Unhappy song.
Today's comic is funny.

Seperoph says: Cloud took too long to write his "cloud says" and now he says that there isn't time for me to write. That's ok, I want to go to sleep anyways.

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