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Strawberri Poke stiks.

well. Patrick left this morning. I got my one piece book back from ravi. I got to watch Grease and Top gun for the first time. I spent my first 5 years of live listening to the music of top gun, but I've never seen the movie.
Grease was rediculous. and stupid. and badly dubbed. and the dancing was silly. I thought that it should have looked like a brittney spears video. thoes are cool. But I did think parts of the movie were romantic.
Ok, so I havent actaully watched Top gun yet. I'm going to however. I saw digimon, my sister's soccer game and Beast Machines this morning. Digimon is cool. I Like it. I want to see the movie. It's gonna be neat to see it agian, and find out that if what I thought was happeing when I saw it in japanese is actually what's happening.
Brittney spears is hot.

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