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11 September 2001 @ 10:10 am
everyone wants to know if helen is ok. I'd imagine she is, because i dont think she had any reason to be near thoes places. but I'm not sure because all the phone lines are tied up, an i cant contact her.
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
ex_hisashi700 on September 11th, 2001 11:30 am (UTC)
tHe EvoLuTi0N: r u ok
helNYU: yes
tHe EvoLuTi0N: is me steve
helNYU: ah. hey steve
tHe EvoLuTi0N: did u heard any bomb?
helNYU: nope
tHe EvoLuTi0N: damn
tHe EvoLuTi0N: where r u
helNYU: in Manhattan
tHe EvoLuTi0N: where is that
helNYU: I could see the smoking towers and everything from the roof of my building...a lot of people I know saw the explosion or the tower falling
tHe EvoLuTi0N: holy fuckin shit
helNYU: Manhattan is the island in New York where the World Trade Center is
tHe EvoLuTi0N: OH SHIT
tHe EvoLuTi0N: so u live near the world trade center
tHe EvoLuTi0N: damn im suprised u didn't hear the bombing
helNYU: I know
tHe EvoLuTi0N: shit
tHe EvoLuTi0N: any one got hurt that u know?
helNYU: nope
helNYU: not that I know of so far
tHe EvoLuTi0N: 0
helNYU: ok, I'm going to go watch the news now
tHe EvoLuTi0N: ok
helNYU: talk to you later
tHe EvoLuTi0N: ok bye
tHe EvoLuTi0N: be safe!
helNYU: yep...bye