August 11th, 2000

Mega Man Party!


wow. The guy who bought our Chojimoji CD MC spatula wants to do a song with us. man... I don't understand the crazyness.
Helen and I are good friends
I have to clean up the unpatairs room because my mom's friend is gonna stay there. its a mess. oh well. I had a good night. I"m talking to garrett. He's nice and we have things in common. hrm, maybe I should ask him out. oh, but he's going away on monday... I would be sad. and NOw more long distance relationships for me.
I still have Kirby64. I think i'll play it now. then I'll play Dead or Alive2 on Wil's dreamcast. I really live video games. and toys.
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Mega Man Party!


I like this song.
I think Garret And I should screw that recording thing tomorrow and just play video games. it's always just adrian playing guitar the whole time anyways.
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    Um Jammer Lammy OST - 38 - Got to Move! (Parappa)
Mega Man Party!


It's 4:50
I just woke up. I missed the Choji Moji Recording session. I actually wanted to go, or at least play video games with Garrett. but I just couldnt wake up. it was astounding.
Adrian actually called me but he decided that I was too tired to go. I just couldn't move. I had crazy thoughts. I remember thinking that my power that was blocking the portal was down to 10% or something like that. I wanted to write it in the livejournal, but I couldn't get out of bed, which is litterly on the opposit side of the house. oh well.
I I came upstairs to play dreamcast, but my sister was playing it. she was playing a role Playing game, which suprised me greatly. she is almost as far as I am, which isn't saying too much, because I got bored with it pretty early on. I did get to play last blade. it's not as good as I had hoped, but it's still fun. the control is kinda annoying because the button that does the supermoves is also the parry button, you end up sitting unable to block after a missed parry alot.
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