August 14th, 2000

Mega Man Party!


I'm tired.
Helen and I stayed up all last night. We went to Will's house at like 4:00 in the morning. It was fun, I like the way his house smells. We drove to 7-11 and Helen got her last Slurpy.
Incidentally they didn't have any condoms at 7-11, which is unusual.
yeah... then I drove over a cone in the parking lot of my church and it got stuck. when it came out, we got it and put it on anna's doorstep. she liked it. Wil also took her phone book. I should tell her soon.... it's still in my car. afterwards we went to will's house and Helen took a nap. it was fun. Will let me borrow more of his dreamcast stuff. then I took Helen home. she was sad. I'll get to talk to her once she gets her computer hooked up.
Now I'm chilling. My parents are all gone. I want to study and stuff.
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Mega Man Party!

Credit Cards...

I finally got my first Credit card Solictor. My mom woke me up and gave me the phone. I was so tired that I assumed that it was something important and sanctioned by her, for she didn't say anything like "it's a telemarketer" which she usually would do. then the stupid person already had most of my information. I wasn't even sure what she was calling about, I kinda thought it was somehting for school (like I said, I was really tired, and had just been woken up.) then when she asked me for my Social security number I realised I didn't know who this person was, or what she was doing, and I would undoubtably be getting into something stupid that I didn't want or need. So I asked and then said I didn't need a Credit card.
-The End-
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Mega Man Party!


Some guy just called me about the GTE College Credit card thing. I told him someone just called an hour ago about it. and he left. his name was eli. I like him better than that stupid lady who woke me up.
Eli is my new pal.
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