August 16th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

I cut work yesterday

I told them I had a doctors appointment, and then i went to project: Parker phone and never showed up. but today I am going.
Jeanne showed me a site with a guy who sticks nails and Gummi worms in his dick hole, and narrates how to do it. Go here for more fun.
actually it looks painful, but I think this guy enjoys it. uh... I don't want to look at this ever again.
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Mega Man Party!

no Helen = fart

I miss Helen. I miss being able to call her when I am bored. oh well...
I got some books from the library today. most of them are about music therory, but there is one about C++ and I also checked out memwars of a geisha, cause I've never read it, and I get bored of reading only technical books.

No one asked where I was yesterday. By no One I mean my boss. CMT is getting boring. except one kid who is cool who just talks about X-men and Marvel vs Capcom 2 with me the whole time. I'm gonna show him my 1992 X-men cards. his dad works for Gamepro. Arrrr mayties!
I have the whole house to myself. but there is no point, because there is no one here who I can walk around the house naked with. so it dosent matter.
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