August 17th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

hey Mary... It's Happening again...

Today Parker and Adrian left for Chico. They took patrick with them. I have the house to my self. I wonder how much I'm going to miss having my friends around. I can still talk to them on the internet. but stuff..... blah blah blah. at least Elliot and Patrick are still around. I want to buy action Figures. I had some more deep and important stuff to say, but I decided not to say it.
I told Justin Basl he could come over today and play his import DBZ game on my moded playstaion.
oh yeah, Ravi's here too, but I don't get to see him much, cause he's never on IM. oh well.

I got to play Diablo II for the first time 3 days ago. It reminded me of Gauntlet 64. endlessly killing things and going through levels with no purpose other than to get stronger to kill more pointless monsters and be stronger. I like games with cool cinematic endings. like Final fantasy 4 and 6. I still havent beaten FF tactics (I doubt I ever will) and FF5 and FF8. and FF9 is almost out! and I still have to beat Legend of Mana. That game is getting kinda tedious. oh well. at least it's pretty. it's not hard or anything

The subject is a refrence to Sifel and Olly
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