September 10th, 2000

Mega Man Party! desu


last night Jon and Breanne stopped by. we just chilled and looked at retarded things on the internet. they wanted to play video games, but my sister was playing with Dora so we stayed on the internet. Jon got to record something new. so Check out the new stuff on the spishak site comming up in a few days. They will have new stuff!
I also added some stuff to the choji moji site. it should be up soon. There is still a large amount of Choji Moji Material that never got online and was avaible only through the cds before, such as the Infamous "Metal Man X" song. make sure you check out
Choji Moji's site

Why won't ravi install IM?!?!? he can't be that busy, all he does is work and play diablo II and Rebeca all day long. I even had his password sent to his e-mail. what a chobi...
School comes in less than one week. I can't wait. I get to go to frys today to buy a connecter for svideo to normal A/V plug. I can finally plug my computer's video output into my tv. I can't believe I never thought to look for a converter like that before. It finally hit me when I was playing with one at patricks house. I was like, "OH! I best be getting me self one of these here dohickys!!!!!!!!!!" I got my ONE PIECE back from ravi. huzzah! I don't know what I'm gonna do with all my toys.I'm still coughing badly. I thought it would go away after a week, but it hasn't. I havent coughed this badly since Chigusa was here. It's dying down however, so that's good. who wants to see a picture? I do!


Aye tis true.
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Mega Man Party!

Ravi suddenly has a good reason for not having installed IM

It seems that Ravi Dislocated his knee lastnight playing Lazerquest. man, that's too bad. he's really messed up. It's gonna haunt him for along time. No one replys to my stuff anymore. how boring.... oh well. I got Windows Media player 7 today it's nice. even though it blatently rips off Realplayer's real jukebox, and then adds some nice features. stupid microsoft bitches.
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