October 26th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

Devil Doll

I found something throughly retarded at 2:00 in the morning. It is called radiskull and Devil doll. it is neat. It makes my mouth waterIt is super duper YOu shoudl look at it. Start with episoid 1 and go to the end. it is worth it!!!!!!
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    What does this mood look likt?
Mega Man Party!


my Dialpad name is zerobatsu.
I'm still awake.
I'm talking to Jeremy about adrian. It's incredably frusterating.
Jeremy's really nice, I want to meet him and hang out with him and stuff. I understand why adrian hung out with him.
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Mega Man Party!


That scour thing is working well. I've actually downloaded some whole episoids of futurama. yes, I'm still awake. I'm haveing a rappor with this jeremy chap.
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