October 29th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

Lots of neat stuff

Hello. Alot happened to me last night. ok.
First of all, I got to go to ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW last night at kresgey. I didn't dress up much, I just wore my contacts and my big shoes and my black pants and my sex object shirt. I went with Becca and Laura Hall, they were both on some stupid pharmacutical drug trying to be high off it. It was funny because both of them hadn't ever seen the movie, and didn't know there was gonna be audience participation. so they were freaking out.
We got there later than we should have, and I got the second to last ticket. Since we got there late We had to sit up front in the virgins section, but it's ok, cause I had to watch Becca and Laura.
Before the show started they were auctioning off dates with the cast to the cast party. the person who stripped the most fastest won the auction. There were some nice hot girls stripping, and that was very nice. There was also this huge fat guy who tried and stripped for each person. he didn't win until the really fine girl came out to auction. and it was funny, cause the hella hot girl was gotten by the fat guy. When Rocky came out to be aucten he did a strip tease and ripped off his boxers and revealed that he had shinny gold underwear on. it was neat. They had a very well cast rocky.
I didn't strip, but ashmore did, and that was quite scarry. ughghughj!!!!
so we watched it, and columbia was in a really nice wonder bra. oooh!
uh i got distracted half wasy through this entry. so I'm gonna take a shower and then write more later. casue I had to go to eat and stuff. now i'm actuaLLY LISTNEING to jingle cats.
My room smells funny.
i think there is something rotten in it. or something. more to come!
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