October 30th, 2000

Mega Man Party!


Man. It just hit me that I'm in college.
I also just realized that I'm on the rhird floor, and there are people above and below me.

How strange.
now back to my stupid essay.
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Mega Man Party!

earplugs =?

have I lost my perspecasity?
It feels like I have. maybe it's from the ear plugs and the coffe and the essay and the tired. The essay was really pulling teeth, but I think It'll be good once I fifnish it. ugh. silly assignments.
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Mega Man Party!

chower desu

Once upon a time there was a fish named Chower. He was a sparkly fish, with shiny belly that reflected light and sparkled like a rainbow.
Today Chower was lost in the shopping mall.
"Hey, what am I gonna do? I'm lost in the shopping mall!" Chower cried. Sadly the only people who could hear him were stupid people who didn't care to help lost Chower.
"Maybe I can use my magical bear whistle and call Super-TeddybearMan, hero of all Canada." Chower pulled a nice whistle out of his bag of magic. He blew it as hard as he could. A strange sound came out of the whistle. It was kinda like a whistle sound, but it had more birds. Chower looked to the sky, waiting for Super-TeddybearMan to save him.
"I love Super-TeddybearMan, and everything about him. I'm glad that he isn't a normal teddy bear that no one wanted because teddy bears are ghetto, but he is a real superhero!"
"I'm a real super hero!" shouted a cape wearing man who had just jumped out of the abandoned coffee shoppe. "I was just fighting ghosts and aliens in the abandoned coffee shoppe, when I heard you summon a super hero."
Chower was ghetto-stricken. "I'm calling Super-TeddybearMan, not some yo-a-spihc crotchety old man! Be gone, cape wearing individual! Never grace our door again!"
"But I am captain a-man, and I'V GOT A CRAVIN' TO DO SOME SAVIN!" captain a-man struck a pose. Light flashed from inside his cape, nearly blinding Chower. Miraculously, the lights reflected off of Chower's rainbow scales and blinded captain a-man!
"Oh teakettle! I am blinded by my own dazzling display of hydro-techniques!" hollered Captain a-man.
"I will protect you when Super-TeddybearMan comes, you cho cho!" the Eurotech began pumping, and Chower danced like a fish. Or like a Euro dancing to tech, it's really the same thing.
"Mathusala!" exclaimed Captain a-man. "The music� weakening me. Must jump up and down." Captain a-man jumper up and then jumped down, through the ground to the secret lair of the mole men.
"Halt intruder!" exclaimed the fastidious mole person. Captain a-man had no time for this.
"I've got a cravin' to do some saving!" he screamed as the mole man blasted him with the gender-switching gun.
Back on the surface, Chower was still in distress. Luckily, the music had stopped, and he was not dancing like a fish----that would have been ghetto. He did go into a clothing store.
"Hmm, looks tasty!" he grumbled. Suddenly the door came alive and started to talk to him.
"Seven peter pumpkins eating a fat pie
Slimy little children, Never will they fly
Come and catch them quickly, faster than you can,
Shoow them away quickly, or they will take your phlan."
"I don't understand at all." Said Chower to the talking door.
"Well," Replied the door,
"It makes about as much sense as real poems.
You know�.
Little boy blue, come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow,
And the cow's in the corner."
"I think it's the cow's in the corn." Replied Chower.
"Well, it still doesn't make any sense. I see very little correlation between
A musician's motivation, and the location of farm animals."
Chower pondered this for a while. Not that fact that the door was talking, or that he was a fish, or any of the other stuff that makes no sense, but the rational for the poem.
"I believe that Little boy blue is in charge of watching the animals, and when they go where they are not wanted, such as the corn, or the meadow, he is supposed to sound his trumpet, and then a super hero will come and retrieve them, and put them back in their stasis pod."
"Did someone say�. Super Hero?" Captain a-man busted through the floor. Don't worry, he got changed back into a male.
"No, I didn't I said oooga-booga!" hyped Chower sarcastically.
"Well, as long as you are here,
You can help us with our next poem�" Suggested the door.
"Ok�" gesticulated Captain a-man. "How about� this� I call it:
OH captain, my captain
Oh captain, my captain,
How soft the waves caress your face,
Like the stellar earth goddess, in royal ambition
With a pike for a hoe,
And shoes for a shovel, I bring to thee
The last and greatest temptation.
A voyage
A ship
A plunder of the wills
All with out temptation, and without greed
And maybe�
Without wind.
Oh captain, My CAPTAIN
I am
Captain A-man!
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Mega Man Party!


holy crap, I think I'm almost done with my essya!
I'm at the part where I'm reading it over, and it's realitivly contigious!
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Mega Man Party!


I have my own printer. It prints fastly!
I am happy because my essay is done. it = fart machine but it is done. now i sleep for like 3 hours. then I take many midterms adns such. fat aftr!
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