November 3rd, 2000

Mega Man Party!

today's pictue suprise!

HOwdy for today's secret picture I have posted a picture of my cats. The white one is Gohan and the dark one is Serena. They are step siblings, cause they have the same mom. Gohan is a year tounger than serena. We got gohan right after Goku, serena's brother died. Goku looked just like serena. They are cute and cuddly.

you can comment on the amazingness.
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Mega Man Party!


i got this e-mail from my japanese teacher.

Chris san,
kurasu de, ii-wasuremashita. Gomennasai.
Getsuyoo-bi ni vocabulary quiz ga arimasu. Supplementary Grammar
Notes no 36 peeji to 37 peeji desu. Sumimaen ga, Lara san ni mo
tsutaete kudasai. e-mail a modotte kimashita Ishibashi

I think it's a subtle way of her trying to remind me to study for the upcomming vocab test. I think it's nice of her to send me a personal e-mail.


I'm in marisa's room, because I've been sexiled from my room by my roomamte and his girl-toy.

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