November 4th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

Bust A groove 2

Magic Tower - Comet's Theme
1. I know you know that I have magic fingertips
2. You know it's true you can't resist my tasty lips
3. Now can't you see that I can make you lose control
4. You know the score, I win you lose just like before

Games all the games I like to play
Make you love me night and day
If you win I will obey
But I know you won't so

a. I'll let you stay if you be good and you behave
b. You must agree it's fun to live your fantasies
c. Now look at me I'm lying naked on the floor
b. Get on your knees and beg me please to give you more

* Repeat

Take you to my magic tower
In my land of make believe
All sweet lovin' in my power
You won't ever want to leave
Take you to my magic tower
In my lan dof blue and red
All sweet lovin' in my power
You're the prisoner in my bed

% * + Repeat

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Mega Man Party!

Childrens toy

Man! This is a really cool song! I dont think I've listened to it before. I just had it and always thought I had listened to it and it was stupid. but it's really cool. It's from that new anime that eveyrone likes.

I was supposed to play PS2 today, but the silly high school kids that I was supposed to play PS2 with got into a disagreement, so they are gonna do it next weekend. that's too bad for me. hey! maybe now elliot can come visit! but he is probably not wanting to drive more. although he should. it owuld be mad crazy!
Helen Hasnt been online lately, I wonder is she's doing another one of thoes no computer things. I need to start my research paper. it was due a week ago. oh well, i will, and this time I wont let people steal my books. this song it reallly cool! I want to see the anime (children's toy)
Speaking of which I'm gonna go check out the anime club tomorrow. It will be awsome. groin grabbingly awsome! actaully it will probably be hot and smelly and stuff. but oh well, I need to try harder to connect with my neard heritage. just sitting in my room all day on the computer isnt enough. hrm...
Today I made a starteling revelation about card fighter. yosiki uses my deck! that's why he's always so hard!
I'm gonna try and find that hot Lauren and socialize. She likes anime and stuff. arrrr.
I never told what happened after rocky. perhaps I will....
It was a dark and stormy night. All the kids were wearing skimpy clothes, and I was feeling horny. But I couldnt act on it because I had to chapperone Becca and Laura, who were confused out of their ass. on our way back there were three guys who were wearing sunglasses and hats, and speaking in fake brittish accents. they had a tv, and were tryng to trade it for "let us just say herbal supplements." Laura declined because she "already had a tv in her room." it was her roomates, but that's ok.
So we went to our rooms and stuff, and I went to Marisa's room. Marisa dosent have a room mate, so she and chrissy (Laura's roomate) decided to super trick out Marisa's room, so she moved the tv from Lauras room to marisa's room. I told marisa about the tv things, and she and chrissie said "oh! she's gonna freak out when she sees it's gone!"
I went out and looked down the hall and there was Laura screaming at cole about the television, and Cole was like "uh! what the hell are you saying?" cause he was comming down off something, and Laura was tripping him out. then Laura screamed and ran to Marisa's door, and was like "wheres chrissy! OMG OMG OMG!" and Marisa was trying reallly hard not to laugh, and then she was speaking in a british accent telling Laura that chrissy wanst there. laura said "you're speaking in a british accent! ahhhh!" and then they went inside and Chrissy was laughing. and Laura was freaking out. Drugs are silly.

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Mega Man Party!


I need to buy some pornographic post cards. that is my current mission.
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