November 6th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

Things that I need to do that I will be reminded of next time I look at Live journal when I should be doing work!

To do: キ Turn in add by petition slip キ Research classes for next quarter キ Japanes キ Metal stuff キ Saber キ Psycology キ Computer class キ Something practical キ Research majors, and their requirements キ Homework キ Reading for classes キ Laundry キ Less socializing キ Less internet CUT THAT ADDICITON! キ Call helen キ Look for an internet job キ Write story キ DO CORE THINGY! キ Think of more stuff to do. キ Less internet.
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    Childrens toy going through my head.
Mega Man Party!

Fianl Fantasy

I'm listening to this music, and I suddenly have an urge to finish FF8. I think maybe I will this december. seeing as i wont have much else to do, except maybe work. aye....
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    Theme - Final Fantasy 7 (Fully Orchestrated)
Mega Man Party!

A service Announcement

An important service announcement

Due to an anticipated voter turnout much larger
than originally expected, the polling facilities for
the 7 November General Election may not be able to
handle the load of voters all at once. For this
purpose, Democrats are requested to vote on Tuesday,
November 7, and Republicans on Wednesday, November 8.
Please pass this message along to help ensure that
nobody gets left out.

Thank You.
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