November 10th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

i did lots of stuff today

Hello. Today I got to go on a field Trip to Japanese market thingy in San Jose. it was really neat. There is alot to tell, but to make a long s

OH wow! it just started to rain! it was all pitter patter on the window. that is odd, cause ususally it dosent go on the window.

Anyways. I spent $45 and bought a $15 street fighter Zero video. it was really short. but oh well. Then I bought a $15 street fighter Zero 2 Wall scroll. this one is really nice. I'm happy with it. it's nice a pretty. And I also bought a $5.5 Digimon toy. it is holy angimon. it's pretty cool. And I bought a really nice One Piece Poster for $7. I'm proud of my buying stuff. plus I got to know a guy in my japanese class better. We played marvel vs Capcom 2. but it was japanese version, and didn't have any characters. but we bought shuma gorath. oooooo! and BBhood right before we turned it off. oh well. I'll pl;ay later.
Now I've been in the mood to write a story. I've been watching Kodomo no Ochama with Lauren, and it makes me feel all romantic (the anime. it's a sappy soap opera, but it's romantic.) Lauren is strange. She has the exact same body as Olivia. like they were even wearing the same socks. it was errie. this is an idea for a story:

Ok, sadie comes into the class. Eveyone wants Zero to hook up with her. But he cant. Mindy tries to play matchmaker, but Zero is really rude to her. Then she gets all pissed at zero, and they get into a fight. She decides to get everyone to dress like a cowboy and then zero stops. He starts to brood and be meloncholy. Then Wolf decided that he likes the Cowboy look, and assumes it. He tries to get with sadie, but sadie actually likes zero, despite the arguing. She follows zero home and hears him talking to himself. About maybe he is adopted. She thinks it is bad to not know who your real parents are. So she starts acting all weird and talking about parents and stuff. Zero calls her aside and gets mad because he figures out what she is doing. Then Mindy hears that, and decided that she needs to help zero be not mad at Sadie, cause then they will be a happy couple. He says go away to her. Then Wolf starts trying to court Mindy because he wants to all of a sudden, cause he thinks that Zero is gonna hook up with Sadie. So he tries to court Mindy, but he is all annoying. Mindy goes to Zero's house to try and get him to tell her how she can get Wolf to stop bothering her. Then his parents say that he hasn't been home lately, so she follows him. But she sees him give money to the Guy. Then he thinks about that. Then Guy dissapears, because his mom figures out that he is her son, and has to seseparatehem before Guy figures it out. Then Zero is sad, and Mindy comforts him. He is happy to see his adopted parents.

If anyone read that. feel free to give a reply.

Oh, and I got a package from Hong Kong. hehehehe. Illiegal stuff fun. I have to pick it up.
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Mega Man Party!

something I am proud of:

G: We need a boat!
M: a boat?
V: a boat.
M: a good boat?
S: a fast boat.
M: a strong boat?
G: a long boat.
M: Do you want a boat that's old
V: We'd like a new one if you could.
M: want a boat with lots of features?
S: to use this boat we'd need a teacher.
M: How 'bout a boat that's lots of fun?
G: Make sure it hides us from the sun.
M: If your boat were big and round, could you get where you are bound?
V: As the moon and stars are found, a boat that's big would sure be sound.
M: How about a boat that's pink? It even has a kitchen sink!
S: A boat that's pink would make we think, that this new boat would start to sink.
M: Will you take a boat that's blue? I've got one here that's super new!
G: A boat that's blue, says me to you, shares the sky and ocean's hue.
M: why not take a boat that's red, or you could just walk instead.
V: The paint that's red is filled with lead, and all the fish would soon be dead!
G: [optional line] (out of rhyme) and that's no good.
M: to all my boats you have said no, but there's still one I've yet to show. This boat you see, is color slate, I offer it at low low rates!
S: a boat of slate would be just great!
G: in this boat we'd not be late!
V: I want to be the ship's first mate!
M: So you will take this boat of slate? (To himself) my nineteenth sale to this date.
This boat of slate, her name is Kate. I promise you she'll ne'er be late! (Holds up finger) The wind is at a speedy gait, I say to you the new first mate, the boat I sold upon this date, is gonna get you there just great!
Go, Galvin and Serenity: yeah!
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Mega Man Party!


Patrick and Kevin are comming to visit for a day or two. except they left before I could tell them That I'm in room 339A in porter. they just have the adress of the school, and maybe my telephone number if they brought it. but i doupt that they did. just in case they read this, my number is 831 502-3092. and if they get here too late then the electronic gates will be closed. and they cant get in or anything. ahhh. it's not good. I wish I had given them more explicit directions. oh well. maybe I'll just wait outside for them. or they will find something to figure out how to do this. agh. I have no idea how they are going to find my room. oh well. at least I have my to do list to comfort me.
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