November 15th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

my proposed schedual

This is my proposed schedual for the upcomming quarter. it is only 15 credits, and I want more, but all the classes that i want to take are at the same time as the other ones, so these are like the not first choice classes. however, teaching english as a second languege seems hella fun, and I'll be good at it because I have a decent comand of japanese and spanish. [wow! I just noticed that my john Talbaine toy swiveles at the waist!] The math class is a prerequisit to go into the programming class. and the fencing class is so that I actually get some exercise, and I get to play with swords. maybe I will join the ninjitsu club, so I can have Ninja Magic like the ninja on UFC. here:

Sabre: 53546 phye-025C-01 SABRE FENC COED T TH 10:00a-11:00a EAST GYM

JAPANESE: 47710 japn-002 -02 elementary japanese M W F 2:00p-3:10p PORTER ACAD 250
F 3:30P-4:40P PORTER ACAD 250

TEACH ENGLISH: 48416 ling-153 -01 teach engl 2nd lang t th 4:00p-5:45p cowell com 134

MATH: 59598 MATH-019A-02 CALC:SCI,ENGIN,MATH M W F 11:00A-12:00P STEVEN ACAD 175
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Mega Man Party!

Im for today

I went on IM today, but that was just to transfer an anime porn movie from Lara's computer to mine. But everyone's buddlist is gone, and it says that they are offline even though they are not. so now I'm trying to figure out why. apperantly this has happened to everyone here at school. hrm... and now Lara is not answering her phone. HOw am I going to get Elven Bride if she is not there to send it? ugh! my lips are kinda sensetive and ticklish
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