December 11th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

damn WIll and his Mugen!


THis is the best fighting game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!! udafshn1!!!

cant explaine how good it is. but now I get to have Ranma and Goku team up against Dr.Doom and the Metal slug guy. it's 1000000% awsome!!! all i need is a game pad now. patr5ick wants to leave. he had fun playing and watching me try to make the game work.
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    tekken (king stage most likely)
Mega Man Party!


man. If the horrible spinning vaccume blades were in my nose, why do my teeth hurt so much?
maybe because I got my braces off this morning, and that's why i was up at 7:30. at least they gave my a bag of good candy.
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