December 12th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

blood and fun

hello. I've been working on this stupid MUGEN game the whole day. it's so addicting.

man, my body really wants to sneeze right now, but i cant. do you know how much it sucks to really want to sneeze but to have to hold it back? it's like massaging someone that you really like, and they are naked and grunting in pleasure, but you cant do anything with them because they are not single.

uh any ways....

this morning I went to the orthodontist at 8:00 to get my braces removed. they took all of it off except 4 in the bottom front (i dont know why) when I go in next monday they take thoes off, and give me a retainer. oh goody. bu they gave me a bag of good candy, so that's good.

Then I came home and worked on MUGEN for an hour. then I went to PA medical center with my mom. she said that I almost passed out last time from just explaing the procedure, (which did happen. stupid squimish body!!! why cant I be like my mom? she had a pick-axe in her head and just cried alot.) and so they made a big deal about it and decided that it owuld help to explain everything in detail. of course, I already understood exactly what was going to happen, the only thing that made me feel faint was when he was describing the "12 hours of bleeding" and the little fluid collecting tub and the bleeding and bleeding and blood, and then he talked about the little thing with all the sharp spinning blades, and I started thinking about the poor innocent soft mounds of flesh in my head that were going to be compleatly shreaded. anyways, that's why I felt faint. then they reiterated that. but this time i was ok.
so, after like 30 minitues of needles with anestetic, there was 30 seconds of suck-cut in each nostril.

what did it feel like? it wasnt painful, because the inside of my nose was very numb, but it's kinda like having an electric toothbrush with no bristles in side your nose. now pretend that in addition to the normal toothbrush noises, there is this kinda crunching noise. and you can feel the pressure in the sorounding parts of your head. ugh...

so like 30 seconds out of the door of the medical center, the anestitic starts to wear off. I discover that my nose is increadably sore, and my teeth (which had been numbed by the anestetic as well) were also increadbly sore, most likely from the braces being taken off. ah yes, and I discovered that there are pokey wires comming off the ends of my braces, because they were just cut off arbitrarly. so my lower inside lib is getting caught on that and stuff.

when I got home, every aspect of my head hurt, and I was hungry, but coundlt eat because chewing moved my nose and that really hurt.
so I just spent the day trying to distract myself with MUGEN. like after an hour or so, I must have manipulaed my chi or something because I did something and then it stopped hurting really bad.

my nose is better now (oh yeah, it's backed with cellouse gause which stays in for 2 weeks) most of the stuff that comes out of it now is just bloody mucus, instead of mostly blood. and my teeth arent quiet as sore. and I got alot of work on MUGEN done. I made levels and music, and it's pretty fun. I'm gonna take away the samurai showdown thing for it, and make a better one. and I'm gonna find more megaman stuff for it.
Here are some pictures of me right after I got home:

Dont worry, I wont post the reall bad ones.

Additional Explination

The reason why I got all this stuff done is because I had large tubulinoids (or something) which is just extra flesh in side your nose starting about an inch in. This extra flesh was big and always inflamed, and it obstructed my breathing. if you've ever noticed, I usually breahte through my mouth, and cant smell or taste very well. If you look at pictures of me when I'm not posing for them, you'll see i have my mouth agape.

Once I take the gause out in two weeks it should be better. but for now I will suffer and drip bloddy snot.
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Mega Man Party!


I was really planning to get crono cross beaten during break, but right now I cant pull myself away from mugen. I just keep finding new stuff! I just found some really good DBZ guys, and old school link, and stuff and stuff. oh!

Patrick: Someone already made a Death!!!!! I'll try to get it working!
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