December 13th, 2000

Mega Man Party!

Larger meaning of life:

What are ushers supposed to do.
キ I'm thinking that the class could be no longer than 2 hours- on a
Saturday morning. This could possible be in place of a rehersal- the
first Saturday after the first rehersal becomes a kind of crash course
in the Childrens theatre (In addition to the tours and any other sort of
"classes" like "crew class" or "make up class". Each "class" lasting no
more than 2 hours at the most, and giving a very basic- introductory
course. Kinda like satdaurday conservetory abridged.) The class could
also be offered independently of the shows. Maybe once every two months.

*in the class they first start out with maybe 15 minutes of role
playing-to get things started off fun, and to maybe help people figure
out that they don't already know everything about being an usher.

*then there is discussion of the rules of being a good usher. The actual
list of rules are shown---everyone gets a photo copy to "keep forever"
(re: to put in a pile of other papers on their floors.)

*next we get to learn alittle bit about the mechanics of being an usher.
Things like how to sign up, where the vests are, when you showd show up.
Also- how to take tickets, what to do/say when you pass out
programs-where to stand before the show-where to stand during
intermission-where to stand after the show. Also, they should vaccume
the lobby, and pick up the house, and turn on the lobby display. They
should also know when they should actaully open house.

*in addition to explaining what the ushers do, it is important to
explaine why they do it. Did you know that there is an actual legal
obligation for the theatre to keep all thoes envelopes of ticket stubs
for 6 years? Yes, it's not just busy work to put them in the envelopes
for fun. The ticket stubs can be reffured to later to prove that this
many people bought tickets, and that many people actually used them.

*an important part of having taken this course is learning how to
treat/interact with the younger-inexperienced ushers. In order to have a
functioning house of ushers, each usher need to feel comfortable asking
the house manager questions, and enforcing the rules of the theatre.
Before each show, the house manager (who has taken the ushering class)
will go over the rules in a quick and friendly fashion. It is important
that all younger ushers know what their job is, and feel comfortable
doing it.

*A checklist of each actual job that the ushers need to preform should
be available during each show. There can either be a lamanated one that
can (with a felt marker) be used and reused-or a new paper one for each
show. Or better yet, one paper one with many uses. Extras can be kept in
the usher binder.

*after a thurogh explaination of the responsibilities of the ushers.
There will be another role play in which the ushers take turns at doing
all the things--------like greeting people, and taking tickets, and
dealing with more situations like crazy people who wont leave their food

*after all of this----Each usher gets a nice "lamanated" (maybe contact
paper) card proclaiming them as certified ushers of the childrens
theatre. They can put this card in their wallet. And for kids that don't
really have wallets, they get a nice certificate too.

*I'm thinking maybe there could be a short multiple choice test at the
end--- something that isn't very hard. So that basically everyone
passes. But they get to feel good if they get all correct answers.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to take this class? (these are
not finalized)
*only ushers who have taken this class get their names in the programs.
*only ushers who have taken this class get free brownies and lemonade
after the show.

*only ushers who have taken this class get some other free good reward.

*this class is mandatory for stage 4 members. They will be HEAVILY
ENCOURAGED to be the people house managering/helping the younger ushers
who have not taken the class yet feel comfortable and lear what the
CORRECT usher procedures are.
*Looks great on a resume! "certified usher of one of Palo Alto's oldest
and greatest theatres"
*It is oh so fun!
*Now you get to be on a list of people who rich can call anytime they
need ushers! Just think- you save poor rich from having to reteach
everyone everytime there is a show!
キ Did I mention that in addition to being OH SO FUN! It is also
キ Only certified ushers will gain community service hours for

These are the idea that were sugested by me at the meeting on the 15th
of january. The actual list was created before the meeting. So some of
it has been revised slightly since then. they are being subjected for
your approval. Please feel free to write feedback.

Also discussed were several other "classes" or projects of general
review of the theatre and its procedures. Such things as "crew class"
and "makeup class" plus a general "get to know what's what and where's
where at the theatre. Carol will make some presentations on that at the
meeting, and Rasin will hopefully make some minutes. This was an
executive board meeting, buy the way, so don't worry about having missed

�and when homer said "the breakdancing robot that caught on fire" I
laughed milk out my nose.
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Mega Man Party!


I've been up since 5:30 this morning becaues of my nose. no, my nose wasn't hurting, but my teeth were. I figured out why they hurt; I've had my mouth open for the past 42 hours, and air has been going past my teeth and gums, and I guess it irrates them. plus i got my braces off so that dosent help anything.
at about 6:10 I started trying to get the packing out of my nose. that was fun.
I started with the left thinking I could just pull it out with tweasers, put soon discovered that it came apart as I pulled on it. I took a few pieces out, and then decided to try the right side. That side I just started blowing really hard, and after like 4 minutes of nose constipation style blowing I expelled a big redish black thing almost 2 inches long, and .5 inches in diameter from my nose. Suddenly I experienced this strange breathing sensation. it was awsome. but my nose was gushing blood now, so I had to deal with that. Then I tried to get the left one out, but I only got half out. I think that I took too much out with tweasers so that too much air was geting out, and there wasn't enough pressure to get in out. so I took a break.

now, 2 hours later, I still have a rotting rag in my head, and I really dont want to try and get it out, because it's painfull and sickening. oh well.

I aquired a SFA3 theme for mugen. it's really slick. I'm discovering how to make endings. sadly they will be capcom vs SNK type generic endings, but that's better than a single screen that dosent make any sense.


oh yeah, I have to go to city hall today to fill out forms so that I can work for the city (at the children's theatre) huzzah! maybe I will actually get to go shopping today. still have hella stuff to buy. plus the choji moji check came, and I need to cash it. $93.43 and just in time for presents. man my blood is so dark and red on my blue housecoat it looks like acrilic paint. must be all the iron.
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Mega Man Party!

mark get set go!

ok. I am now going to explode my head trying to get this horrible thing out. just hope I dont get the urge to take a picture.
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Mega Man Party!

it didn't work

I cant get it out, and now I have to wait for the doctor to get in so I can try and get hims to take it out. I cant keep trying becuase I'll pass out from hyperventilating.
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Mega Man Party!

back from doctors

ah. After waiting at the doctors for like an hour, he came in and pulled the remaining inch of grossness out of my left nostril. also, he got the remaining 10% of stuff left in my right side that I didn't know about. then he vaccumed out extra blood. now my head hurts less, but my nostril is all sore from the pokey tweasers things.
there was alot of blood from that thing comming out, so I'm all hardcore balrog style now. ok. huzzah!
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Mega Man Party!

choji moji

Hello, Choji Moji

The following is your monthly Artist earnings
statement, accounting for both D.A.M. CD sales and Payback
for Playback earnings for the month of November 2000.

Artist: Choji Moji

D.A.M. CD earnings for November 2000: 0.00
D.A.M. CD earnings, January 2000 - November 2000: 6.00

P4P earnings for November 2000: 15.74
P4P earnings, January 2000 - November 2000: 312.62

guess what! I got a job at PACT!
I have joined one of the elite group who complaine about it but keep returning to work there.
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