December 19th, 2000



Man. today was the first day of that camp thing. I'm exausted, and it's already 7:18.
last night I went shopping with bobby. that was pretty fun, I bought lots of stuff. I still need to get his present though. Helen gets home tonight. HUzzah!!!! I cant wait.
man... I need to wrap my presents. I have presents for (in order of purchase) :brittany, patrick, parker

side note: there was this awsomely stereotype mouse on scooby doo with buck teeth, and squinty eyes and he was running around saying fake chinese.

ok where was I?
present purchased: Brittany, will, Jennifer, patrick, Parker, helen, mom, elliot, kevin, ravi. I even got stuff for crazy momoko and other people. I still need to get people for my dad, and julia and sara. hopefully I'll be able to. but I've already spent like 70% more money this year than I did last year. so I dont have much left. hopefully I will get paid money for work. I dont know what I'm being paid yet. oh well. it dosent matter. akfjdkjfds
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