January 6th, 2001

Mega Man Party!


Ok. so.... Uh. when are you comming tomorrow? YOu should come like before 11, and all at about the same time, cause otherwise I wont be able to find you when you call and stuff. are you guys gonna stay the night? you can if you want, like everyone can, even parker and mrs. parker, and will (there is a special bed for will... ;-) ) just call me early, and it's all good.

I should go to sleep, it's hella late, and I just got back from dennys. oh, could you guys bring some stuff I forgot at my house? like my spice girls shoes, and then can you bring some boxes back home after you leave? you can great!
I want to play sims. it is a stupid game, but I am so starved for games that it is funny.
hopefully we can go to the beach with some girls, if it's nice out, and look at the stars or something. There are also alot of horny girls here, so, you guys should look sharp and spend the night. hehehe ok see ya tomorrow.
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