February 7th, 2001


Robot BLOOD!

Me talking to my mom:

MousepusherX: You know the main problem with your song?
ZeroBatsu: uh
ZeroBatsu: it exists?
MousepusherX: no...
MousepusherX: you sound too WHITE
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I need an analouge Video capture card that I can plug RCA stuff into for my PC and watch it on my computer. and hopfully capture stuff. What do you guys think? It should also be cheap. and I dont think I need mpeg cause I would capture in AVi and just convert it.
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Mega Man Party!


I just remembered that there is a guy in my japanese class. he is alot live kevin, because he is kinda quiet but really nice and asian and likes watching anime. the only difference is that he's a transvestite. But he's cool and actually appreciates my Anime music videos! (not that kevin dosent)
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Dan photo


Some nights people just start screaming out their windows for no reason. then more people start, and it gets louder and louder.
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